Springtime Kratom Candy Recipes

It’s Spring!- Spring is here and the temperature is rising. It’s time to step outside and experience the joy and rebirth of the world. Spring offers a plethora of new and refreshing experiences. The Easter holiday is also on its way. Children get a lot of Easter candy from the Easter Bunny every year. Why … Read more

Austin Organic Village Newsletter Kratom And Social Media Marketing

Introduction: Consumers who have been in the kratom world for some time are used to the lack of a marketing presence and outright kratom discussion on social media platforms. For those that are new to kratom, navigating kratom and social media can be confusing. Searching kratom on facebook, or instagram pulls up surprisingly few results. … Read more

AOV’s Holiday Travel Checklist

AOV’s Holiday Travel Checklist

Introduction- It’s that time of year again! Time to gather with loved ones near and far. A lot of people stay at home or meet their family who live nearby, but many others will either travel to be with their loved ones, or go on a grand winter holiday vacation. No matter what the plan … Read more

Capsules Vs. Oblate Discs

Introduction- Kratom can be consumed in many different ways. Austin Organic Village has covered many of those in detail in previous newsletters. There was a whole kratom capsule guide newsletter released in July of 2020. One way to consume kratom that AOV has discussed only in passing is using oblate discs for kratom consumption. This … Read more

Fall Kratom Recipes

Introduction: It’s that time of year again! After scouring the internet for kratom recipes, it’s time for Fall recipes. With Halloween and Thanksgiving around the corner, the Fall season is one of the most delicious. Why not add in some adventurous kratom treat recipes to spice it up? From smoothies to caramel apples, this recipe … Read more

The Strains Explained

kratom strain explained

Introduction- There are a lot of myths out there about kratom strains and how they differ. While the strains can differ noticeably, the difference all happens during the drying process. Kratom consumers have claimed that the strains vary from region to region, tree to tree, or from the age of the leaves. While the name … Read more