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Is Kratom Effective For Dogs?

Many kratom users have reported calming, energizing, and mood-stabilizing experiences on their road to personal wellness and holistic self-care. Since the active alkaloids in kratom have an affinity for opioid receptors, many individuals have also reported beneficial experiences in pain relief, anxiety reduction, and addiction recovery. As a result of these subjective experiences, many are asking the question, “Could kratom help my dog with pain, anxiety, and other health concerns?”

Kratom May be Effective for Pets, But More Research is Required

While the research regarding kratom and pet consumption is limited, this study evaluates the safety and pharmacokinetic properties of mitragynine (the most abundant psychoactive alkaloid in kratom) when administered to canines. According to this study, 

“Administration of mitragynine was well tolerated, although mild sedation and anxiolytic effects were observed”.

Despite these promising results, this is the first detailed pharmacokinetic study of its kind, meaning there is a very limited amount of research in this area. Oftentimes, studies such as this are used as a stepping stone in related research, paving the way to future studies by establishing a foundation of dosing and testing methods that future researchers can build upon. Unfortunately, one or two small studies that demonstrate well-tolerated results are not enough to justify a claim of safety or efficacy for kratom and pet consumption. 

In other words, while reportedly suitable for pets through anecdotal reports (personal accounts), there is not enough data to provide a definitive safety conclusion. Like humans can have wildly contrasting experiences with any one strain, the same happens with pets. And, since pets are unable to express their subjective experiences with pain or anxiety relief, it is difficult to determine the true extent of potential benefits, even if alkaloid absorption rates and other indicators point to a positive biological response.

Always Consult With a Veterinarian Before Giving Your Dog Kratom

As a result, even with the best kratom products, you should always consult with your veterinarian before giving your pet kratom or any other product that could cause an unwanted reaction. Since there are no conclusive reports, most veterinarians will likely recommend alternative medical solutions for your pets that are backed by more research and larger sample pools. 

Alternatively, your veterinarian may support kratom fully! Regardless of the advice you receive from your veterinarian, as a responsible dog owner, only you can decide what is best for your pet. If you still plan on introducing kratom powder into your dog’s diet, you must do your research into the potential reactions associated with each strain. After determining which strain may be best for your pet, always start with a small dosage and monitor your pet for any unusual reactions such as vomiting, loss of appetite, difficulty walking, excessive salivation, or any other worrying behaviors or symptoms that may be a sign of distress.

The Quality of the Kratom You Choose Matters

As important as discussing the information with your vet and carefully researching the qualities of each strain, sourcing your kratom powder from a trusted distributor is a crucial consideration.

At Austin Organic Village, pure and authenticated strains are our specialty, sourcing all blends directly from our reputable farming partners. We have close relationships with our growers, ensuring that every strain in our collection starts with genuine purity and arrives at your door 100% unadulterated. 

Whether you’re searching for a better alternative for you or your pet, every fresh strain from Austin Organic Village comes with unparalleled product insight and helpful kratom tips to make the most of your experience. From delicious recipe ideas to better deals on our popular strains, get in touch with our knowledgeable kratom pros and we’ll help you find the perfect strain for your wellness goals today.