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How Black Pepper Enhances The Effects Of Kratom

The natural power of Kratom and potent synergies like black pepper enhance the experience and boost the beneficial properties of your favorite kratom powder! Responsible for the spicy and robust flavor, pepper contains a compound called piperine that has been shown to reduce inflammation and increase the absorption/bioavailability of the active compounds in Kratom. 

So, how does this enhance the experience? Well, since piperine increases intestinal wall permeability, a larger percentage of kratom’s active compounds like mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine are absorbed into your bloodstream. Instead of losing potency because a majority of the product passes directly through the digestive tract, more of the precious kratom compounds arrive at their intended destination – your opioid receptors.

Additionally, piperine also inhibits enzymes in the liver and intestines that are responsible for metabolizing the active compounds of kratom. By preventing the premature breakdown of kratom’s active compounds, the beneficial experience is prolonged and you get more out of every anti-inflammatory dose. 

By pairing black pepper with our organic kratom for sale, you can: 

  • Use fewer products to achieve your desired experience
  • Enjoy the benefits of your preferred kratom powder in less time
  • Improve the potency of other holistic additions; piperine improves the anti-inflammatory potential of kratom, curcumin, vitamin B, B-carotene, and other healthful compounds 

Making the Most of Your Wellness Combinations

Fighting inflammation and enhancing the experience is further amplified when you choose the finest products possible. Our kratom shops in Houston are dedicated to authenticated purity, providing lab-tested quality from our worldwide production partners. Quite simply, clean, fresh, and natural kratom ensures greater consistency with each use. Additionally, when you know what to expect with every freshly prepared order, tailoring the dose and refining your experience is simplified. 

For the best results, our favorite method of consumption is an inflammation-fighting summertime smoothie. Combine your favorite powder with freshly ground pepper, your favorite citrus fruits, and other beneficial additions like coconut, cocoa, or quinoa to take your self-care to another level of goodness. You can also mix kratom powder with a variety of teas and snacks, or if you’re all about that earthy taste, it’s completely safe to enjoy raw with ground pepper and a scoop of kratom mixed with water. 

Looking to avoid the taste entirely? We also carry a potent lineup of capsules and extracts for convenience and ease of implementing our products into your routine. 

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