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Hapé Ingredients & Preparation

Known for healing, uplifting, and cleansing properties, hapé (rapé or hapeh) has long been used as a traditional medicine and ritual aid in many spiritual practices. An integral medicine in indigenous Amazonian tribal use, the diverse benefits associated with hapé stem from a spectrum of healing plants that are carefully selected and respectfully harvested. Varying from hapé composition to composition, each blend is meticulously crafted with healthful and energetic plants that support an array of beneficial purposes. 

Delving into the spiritual and energetic realms of wellness, hapé is used as a potent link between the natural world, inner tranquility, and holistic well-being. Far beyond the chemical compounds, hapé is often used to restore energetic balance, deepen meditative practices by focusing the mind, and bridge the gap between the physical and spiritual planes. Since each hapé variety has a unique combination of plants, the healing, cleansing, or energizing properties can vary dramatically from blend to blend. 

Below, we explore some of these profound ingredients, preparation practices, and how hapé continues to enrich the lives of individuals in search of spiritual grounding, natural wellness, and mental clarity. Learn more and shop Pau Perreira at Austin Organic Village!  

Intentional Ingredient Selection Defines Authentic Hapé

Traditionally gathered and prepared by shamans or indigenous healers, the plant selection, harvesting, and preparation practices behind hapé have been passed from generation to generation, far beyond the reaches of mainstream herbal cultivation. To this day, good hapé is still prepared in the same way that ancient healers hand-harvested, dried, and ground each individual herb with meticulous care. 

Common ingredients found in traditional hapé blends and potential benefits associated with these powerful plants include: 

  • Mapacho: A wild tobacco native to the rainforest is one of the key ingredients in many hapé blends. Filled with alkaloids, nicotine, and other clarifying compounds, this potent plant may help to improve focus, dispel negative energies, promote spiritual grounding, and deepen self-awareness. 
  • Tsunu: In the same family as the coca plant, this stimulating plant is found in the strongest hapé blends. Ideal for sharpening the senses, boosting vitality, and promoting centered concentration, look for Tsunu in your hapé if your wellness practice could benefit from a clear and grounded mind. 
  • Mucura: Included for purifying and immune-boosting properties, this plant contains antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory compounds that support a range of wellness goals. A wonderful companion to support optimal respiratory health, protect against sickness, and cleanse the body of unhealthy microbes. 
  • Jatobá: Sourced from a tree in the Amazon basin, this common hapé ingredient is filled with flavonoids and other compounds that are known to reduce inflammation, enrich immune wellness, and further promote a sense of grounding and inner clarity. 
  • & More: This is only a glimpse of the promising ingredient combinations that exist. Each tribe introduces a broad variety of ingredients based on local availability and the intended healing, energizing, or spiritual benefits. When shopping for a quality hapé, it’s important that you research the specific ingredients for yourself to find a blend that will best support your wellness goals. 

Traditional Hapé Preparation

After collecting the desired plants, the shaman or healer will dry the ingredients using various techniques such as hanging in shaded areas (to protect the ingredients from sun damage) or an enclosed space where the drying atmosphere can be carefully monitored. After the plants or seeds are fully dried, a grinding stone or mortar/pestle is used to pulverize the ingredients until a fine powder is achieved. 

After powdering the ingredients and blending with other complementary plants, many tribes will further enrich the hapé with a healing or ritual ceremony to infuse the blend with a specific energy or spiritual intention. After the blending and ceremonial preparation phases, the powder is packaged in airtight containers and shipped directly to our team at Austin Organic Village.

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