Understanding the Kratom Temperature Study and Proper Storage for Longevity

temperature and kratom

Introduction- Austin Organic Village has emphasized the importance of using proper storage and not overheating during preparation when it comes to kratom. Customers can review the storage newsletter information here and here. Until now, kratom storage and heating suggestions were all educated guesses and conjectures. There is now an actual study that expands on what … Read more

How to Talk to Your Loved Ones About Kratom

Introduction & Brief History of Kratom- Kratom (mitragyna speciosa) is a tree indigenous to Southeast Asia, the Philippines, and New Guinea. Traditionally dried or fresh kratom leaves have been consumed by workers and citizens to combat fatigue, be more productive, during socio-religious ceremonies to achieve transcendence, and to treat various medical conditions like diarrhea, depression, … Read more

Updated and New Kratom Studies 2022

new kratom studies

Introduction- Kratom popularity and acceptance in the United States has been growing. As kratom becomes more mainstream, studies are being funded, and officials are realizing that kratom may actually be beneficial. Universities and independently funded research groups have been looking into every aspect of kratom and the outlook is promising. There are now propaganda-free medical … Read more

Summertime Kratom Smoothie Recipes

kratom smoothies

It’s that time again! This summer, with heat waves already hitting record highs in the south, staying cool is imperative. Kratom smoothies are not only refreshing, they taste amazing. This is a collection of smoothie recipes created by real kratom consumers. Austin Organic Village hopes that everyone enjoys this little piece of heaven and stays … Read more

From The Trees To The Mailbox (part 2)

kratom shipment

Introduction- Part one of this newsletter discussed the first half of the process that kratom goes through, starting with the kratom workers harvesting kratom, to the different drying and processing that kratom goes through, and finally to packaging and shipping the product to the United States. The second half will discuss everything from shipping, customs, … Read more

Kratom From the Trees to The Mailbox

Introduction- Everybody likes to know what they are consuming and where it comes from. It’s always fascinating to know how certain products are made, especially in the industrial age. It’s even more interesting to explore kratom production, because the first half of the process seems to take a step back in time to the preindustrial … Read more

Working Out With Kratom

kratom and workouts

Introduction- Consumers have learned that there are many benefits of adding kratom extract, powder, or capsules to a daily routine, but even more are discovering another benefit from this versatile herb. Many workout enthusiasts who also consume kratom will rave about how well kratom helps them during their workouts. There’s a growing trend of consumers … Read more