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Can Kratom Soothe Joint Pain?

Kratom has a lot to offer. Traditionally used for a myriad of medicinal uses, kratom’s potentially beneficial applications range from mood enhancement and energy stimulation to digestive health and lasting pain relief. 

In the case of joint pain, many kratom users have found soothing relief with various kratom strains. While the research supporting joint pain relief is limited, the growing body of positive testimonials and a long history of analgesic (pain-relieving) and anti-inflammatory use has inspired many to try kratom extract over costly or artificial relief options. 

To better understand how our various strains of kratom may lead to noticeable relief, here’s an overview of kratom’s active compounds and how they have helped many achieve a more active and pain-free lifestyle. 

It’s All About the Alkaloids

The potent leaves of Kratom, also known as mitragyna speciosa, are harvested from the kratom tree in Southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Indonesia, and Myanmar. After harvesting the fresh leaves, time-tested preparation methods are used to retain potency and enhance the desirable alkaloid profile contained within each strain. 

There are over 40 known alkaloids in kratom which provide a spectrum of energizing, relaxing, and mood-enhancing possibilities. Depending on the specific strain and preparation method used to dry or extract the compounds, the final alkaloid profile and perceived benefits can vary dramatically from one strain to the next. For example, a kratom extract that is crafted from red vein kratom will contain a higher percentage of alkaloids that have an affinity for opioid-receptor activation (providing relaxation or pain relief), while a white vein kratom strain will contain a lower percentage of these soothing alkaloids and a higher percentage of compounds that stimulate the system. 

How Kratom Alkaloids Interact With the Body

Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine in Kratom are the primary active alkaloid compounds that contribute to the potential joint-relief benefits. Kratom also contains compounds such as Epicatechin and Rhynchophylline, which contain properties that may contribute to the anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and anti-oxidative benefits that kratom is known for.

While the exact mechanism of interaction after digestion is still misunderstood, it has been shown that these compounds bind with opioid receptors and may reduce painful sensations, swelling, and other factors that cause joint pain. In addition to this opioid-receptor interaction, various alkaloids may also influence the levels of serotonin and norepinephrine in the brain. Both of these chemicals influence stress and mood, and alkaloids that help your body maintain balanced levels may contribute to an improved outlook and better stress management. 

Since perceived pain, inflammation, and stress all contribute to joint issues, you can see why many individuals who try kratom experience noticeable relief! Despite these promising possibilities, it’s important to note that our kratom powder and extract are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. 

Why Try Pure Kratom Over Other Relief Alternatives?

When you purchase kratom online at Austin Organic Village, purity and strict quality control are our promise with every purchase. By selecting your source with care, your holistic wellness plan is backed by accurate dosing and a predictable experience with every use. We go the extra mile with every curated batch, ensuring that you get exactly what you expect with every red, green, white, or yellow strain you try. 

After finding a natural strain that aligns with your lifestyle goals, the benefits extend beyond the joint-relief. By choosing naturally derived organics, you are minimizing your exposure to artificial toxins and questionable additives. Alongside protecting your health from false ingredients, our affordable kratom strains are a great alternative to other overpriced natural products out there. We work directly with our trusted farming sources, enabling our kratom team to keep costs lower while still ensuring a superior standard of product purity. 

To explore the many other reasons you should give kratom a try, our pros at Austin Organic Village are your all-in-one resource for factual information and honest recommendations about all things kratom!