Austin Organic Village Newsletter Kratom And Social Media Marketing

Introduction: Consumers who have been in the kratom world for some time are used to the lack of a marketing presence and outright kratom discussion on social media platforms. For those that are new to kratom, navigating kratom and social media can be confusing. Searching kratom on facebook, or instagram pulls up surprisingly few results. … Read more


What Are Nootropics? Nootropics are  substances that are believed to enhance the mind’s ability to focus, retain memory, raise cognitive ability, and overall enhance brain performance. Anything from a supplement, botanical, prescription, over the counter drug, or other substance can be considered a nootropic. These brain enhancers are gaining in popularity as more people are … Read more

Kratom and Hydration

kratom and hydration

Hydration and Kratom Kratom is a diuretic. Diuretics cause the body to release water, sodium, and nutrients by producing more urine which can cause dehydration. There are a lot of known diuretics, including caffeine, alcohol, ginger, and parsley. When consuming diuretics, water intake should be increased accordingly. Kratom is no different. Why Hydration is Important … Read more

Alkaloids and Kratom

What Are Alkaloids?- Plants are made up of chemicals called phytochemicals, which literally translates to plant chemicals. Some phytochemicals are chemical compounds classified as alkaloids. Alkaloids are classified as such because they tend to have a noticeable physiological effect when consumed. Alkaloids are naturally occurring in many plants like coffee, tea, different flowers, and even … Read more

The Fight for Kratom

benefits of taking kratom powder

Austin Organic Village has gone GMP compliant and become a GMP certified vendor. We are now one of 26 American Kratom Association Qualified Vendors. AOV has taken the steps to be in compliance with standards being set for vendors. Being certified helps vendors and consumers stay protected during the continued fight to keep kratom legal … Read more

Managing Kratom Tolerance

kratom powder on a spoon

What is Kratom Tolerance? Tolerance occurs when the body grows accustomed to the presence of a compound and it begins to require more of that compound to achieve the same results.  Thus, high tolerance means more has to be consumed and low tolerance means less has to be consumed. It is possible to build a … Read more

Kratom Toss and Wash

kratom powder

Kratom Toss and Wash Toss and Wash So many kratom consumers use the toss and wash method in order to consume their product. What is toss and wash? During toss and wash, the consumer will take a spoonful of kratom powder and place it in their mouth, then follow with a flush of liquid, or … Read more

Kratom Strains and Blends

kratom powder

Kratom Single Strains Single strains generally come labeled with a color and a region, or a color and a name like super, maeng da, or elephant. Single strains generally have differing effects and are versatile. For instance white Thai is generally considered full of energy, as are most whites, while consumers find reds the polar … Read more

Growing Kratom

kratom leaves

    Growing a Kratom Plant? There’s a lot that goes into growing a kratom plant. It’s important to decide questions such as whether you want to grow from seeds or a clone, which strain you want to grow, and more. Kratom seeds can be expensive, and knowing the difference between the seed pod and the … Read more