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Austin Organic Village Newsletter Kratom And Social Media Marketing

Introduction: Consumers who have been in the kratom world for some time are used to the lack of a marketing presence and outright kratom discussion on social media platforms. For those that are new to kratom, navigating kratom and social media can be confusing. Searching kratom on facebook, or instagram pulls up surprisingly few results. … Read more


What Are Nootropics? Nootropics are  substances that are believed to enhance the mind’s ability to focus, retain memory, raise cognitive ability, and overall enhance brain performance. Anything from a supplement, botanical, prescription, over the counter drug, or other substance can be considered a nootropic. These brain enhancers are gaining in popularity as more people are … Read more

Kratom and Hydration

kratom and hydration

Staying Hydrated Is Essential When Using Kratom Kratom is a diuretic. Diuretics cause the body to release water, sodium, and nutrients by producing more urine which can cause dehydration. There are a lot of known diuretics, including caffeine, alcohol, ginger, and parsley. When consuming diuretics, water intake should be increased accordingly. And since kratom is … Read more

Alkaloids and Kratom

What Are Alkaloids?- Plants are made up of chemicals called phytochemicals, which literally translates to plant chemicals. Some phytochemicals are chemical compounds classified as alkaloids. Alkaloids are classified as such because they tend to have a noticeable physiological effect when consumed. Alkaloids are naturally occurring in many plants like coffee, tea, different flowers, and even … Read more

Kratom Strains and Blends

kratom powder

Kratom Single Strains Single strains generally come labeled with a color and a region, or a color and a name like super, maeng da, or elephant. Single strains generally have differing effects and are versatile. For instance white Thai is generally considered full of energy, as are most whites, while consumers find reds the polar … Read more

Growing Kratom

kratom leaves

There’s a lot that goes into growing a kratom plant. There’s much to consider, from deciding between seeds or a clone to choosing which strain you want to grow, and more. Kratom seeds can be expensive, and knowing the difference between the seed pod and the seeds is important. We will discuss some growing tactics, … Read more

A Kratom Capsule Guide

kratom powder in capsules

A Kratom Capsule Introduction Capsules may seem overwhelming at first, but they really are pretty easy. They actually simplify the kratom (and even herb) experience. There are two types of capsules, vegetable capsules, and gelatin capsules. Most people find the veggie caps dissolve easier and are less harsh on the stomach, but some people like … Read more

Kratom Storage

Is Kratom Storage Important? Storage is very important. If you don’t store your kratom properly, you’ll end up with extreme quality issues. Improper storage, oxidation, and UV light exposure can actually change the makeup of your kratom. You may find it unbelievable, but the alkaloid mitragynine will actually turn into something else, making your kratom … Read more

Potentiating Kratom

Potentiating Kratom

What Does It Mean To Potentiate Kratom? Potentiating kratom means using an herb, fruit, or other substance to make a serving of kratom more effective. If you feel like you’re consuming too much or your usual serving size is less effective, then trying a natural way to potentiate your kratom might be the right move … Read more