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Plain Leaf Kratom vs. Crushed Leaf Kratom

What is Plain Leaf Kratom?

Plain leaf kratom is not an entirely accurate title. It sounds like whole leaves of kratom, but actually refers to powdered kratom. Powdered kratom is generally labeled in veins and strains. Plain leaf kratom is the most commonly consumed type in the United States and the easiest to find. It also seems to work best for most people.

What is Crushed Leaf Kratom?

Crushed leaf kratom is dried leaves crushed up to a slightly larger size than is typical of tea in tea bags. It is perfect for making kratom tea. Crushed leaf is less commonly sold in the United States than plain leaf but is often easier on the stomach and faster acting and is certainly worth trying. Crushed leaf generally does not come in multiple strains, because it’s pulled off of the plant, dried, crushed, and packaged for export. It does not have the multitude of drying methods that plain leaf does in order to make different strains. For that reason, crushed leaf is best considered full spectrum (all veins mixed). 

Benefits to Plain Leaf Kratom

Plain leaf has many strains from which to choose, allowing consumers to tailor fit the plant to their needs. Plain leaf strains include red, yellow, gold, green, white, and brown. As mentioned previously, strains are made by employing diverse drying methods, which emphasize different alkaloids, contributing to the varying effects. 

Some ways to prepare plain leaf include capsules, teas and other drinks, and frozen in honey.  One of the more popular methods is to just mix with orange or grapefruit juice. The wide variety of preparation and consumption methods makes everything about it easier. 

Benefits to Crushed Leaf Kratom

Crushed leaf is closer to consuming the fresh plant. It provides nearly all the alkaloids in their naturally occurring proportions. Another benefit to crushed leaf is that it avoids the need to consume all the extra plant matter present in plain leaf, which can decrease stomach issues associated with plain leaf (especially for beginners). Crushed leaf can be made with tea bags which saves money in capsules, honey, and other preparatory items. All that is needed is hot water, teabags, and sugar. Another easy way to make crushed leaf tea is with a french press!

A Con Comparison

Crushed leaf is sometimes more expensive and harder to find than plain leaf, which is usually available more widely and at lower prices. Plain leaf is harder to consume and may cause some individuals stomach issues or constipation. Making tea may avoid this issue, but it’s more difficult to strain the plant matter out of the tea when made with plain leaf. It is important to be aware that consuming all of the plant matter can mess up your digestion and cause a few frustrating issues (like constipation) if you aren’t drinking enough water or taking supplements like magnesium. Crushed leaf has a lack of variety and can be more time consuming than just tossing down the plain leaf. Overall, these are both great options  to have in your home and both have way more pros than cons. 

In Conclusion and Coupons

There are a lot of great products out there. Branching out and having more tools in your home can’t hurt. We at Austin Organic Village carry both of these and more. It’s always important to stay informed and find the best products that work for you. 

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