Kratom and Hydration

Hydration and Kratom

Kratom is a diuretic. Diuretics cause the body to release water, sodium, and nutrients by producing more urine which can cause dehydration. There are a lot of known diuretics, including caffeine, alcohol, ginger, and parsley. When consuming diuretics, water intake should be increased accordingly. Kratom is no different.

Why Hydration is Important

The human body is mostly made up of water. Tissue, cells, organs, joints, waste removal, temperature maintenance, and every part of the body needs water to function properly. Even skin ages more quickly if not properly hydrated. In order to stay properly hydrated, paying attention to diet, and how much water is consumed is a necessity. There are certain foods and drinks that can be consumed that can cause dehydration if enough water isn’t consumed. Paying attention to signs that the body is dehydrated can be a helpful tool in making sure enough water is being consumed. There are a lot of tips and tricks to help maintain hydration, especially while consuming kratom.

The Signs of Dehydration

There are many signs of dehydration. Paying attention to the body and its needs can actually help the kratom experience. 

1- Feeling Thirsty- As simple as it sounds, feeling thirsty is the most obvious signs of dehydration. Reaching for water instead of soda or tea will really help raise hydration levels. 

2- Dark or Strong Smelling Pee- Paying attention to the color of urine, and the smell can tell a lot about hydration levels. Really dark yellow, or even brown, shows severe dehydration. This is generally accompanied by a strong smell that is hard to ignore. 

3- Feeling Dizzy or Lightheaded- Feeling dizzy and lightheaded, especially when exercising is a very strong sign of dehydration. Making sure to consume enough water while exerting a lot of energy is a great way to avoid becoming dizzy. 

4- Feeling Tired- The body will often feel more tired and a lack energy when dehydrated. In order to be present and  at peak levels, make sure to drink enough water, especially when inexplicably tired. 

5- Dry Mouth, Lips, and Eyes- Having chapped and dry lips, itchy eyes, or a really dry mouth is a great way to determine how hydrated the body is. Dry skin can also be another sign. Water helps all of these areas stay comfortable and healthy.

6- Peeing Less- Paying attention to how much and how often the body releases urine can show how hydrated it is. If there are 4 or less urination bathroom breaks a day, then the body is dehydrated. 

7- Constipation- A lot of times, constipation can be solved by consuming more water. It can be one of the first signs that there isn’t enough water in the body. Constipation can also be caused by consuming certain foods high in dairy and other diet choices.

Tips For Staying Hydrated

A general rule of thumb is to try to consume 8 glasses with 8 ounces of water in them throughout the day. That adds up to 64 ounces, but breaking it down into smaller portions makes it seem like less daunting of a task. Consuming sports drinks is only recommended during workout or exercise sessions where sweating a lot is happening.  Water should be the first choice in most hydrating situations. If drinking enough water is a struggle, here are some helpful tips to make it easier. 

1- Make a Water Drinking Schedule- Using an alarm on a phone, reminders, or other calendars in order to be reminded regularly to hydrate is a definite option to meet hydration goals. 

2- Spice it Up- If the bland taste of water is an issue, add in some flavor by doing fruit infusions, cucumber infusions, or adding in caffeine free water flavoring like Mio. These still help get the water amounts needed, but make drinking it more pleasant for those who struggle. 

3- Eat Your Water- Eating fruits like watermelon, apples, berries, mangoes, and more, can help hydration levels throughout the day and also improve digestion by increasing fiber levels. 

4- Water Breaks- Take a water break every time a task is completed throughout the day. For instance, after arriving at work, drink water, after clocking in and getting to a workstation, drink water, during break, drink water, and so on. Making it a natural part of any routine is another way to have a water schedule, but without reminder alarms going off all day. 


Drinking an appropriate amount of water is really important in order to be as healthy as possible. It’s even more important when consuming kratom and other diuretics. Replacing the water that’s expelled not only makes the body work better, but also makes the functionality of kratom better. The human body needs water, so find a way to drink. 


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