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Kratom Strains and Blends

Kratom Single Strains

Single strains generally come labeled with a color and a region, or a color and a name like super, maeng da, or elephant. Single strains generally have differing effects and are versatile. For instance white Thai is generally considered full of energy, as are most whites, while consumers find reds the polar opposite. It’s hard to say exactly how each strain will affect each individual based on color because each person is different and can get very different results.

Consumers typically report  that reds are relaxing, with the exception of energetic reds like red Thai, red maeng da, and super red. Those three exceptions are still widely considered to be less energizing than white or green strains. Green tends to be widely accepted as an energetic strain, but less so than white. White strains are generally seen as being the most energetic strains of all.  Yellow gets a wide variety of reviews, with some claiming it to be mellow and others arguing that it’s merely less energetic than white. Gold is a close cousin to red strains. Gold tends to be classified as very similar to red with only slight variations. However, your results may vary. Some claim to be opposite from the general consumer, reporting that all reds tend to energize them while all whites tend to relax them.

Kratom Blends

Blends are a mix of two or more strains and expand what a single serving can do. Blends can be bought online or made at home. Austin Organic Village sells full spectrum blends premade. Full spectrum blends contain at least one of each color vein. For instance, AOV sells the Sulawesi blend, which is a blend of each color vein of our premium maeng da jong kong strains. Among our many blends, the Sulawesi is one of the most popular. Full spectrum blends are popular in general because they provide a bit of the benefits from each color vein and tend to be stronger, allowing less to be consumed for desired effect.

When making your own blends, it is good to start with a couple of your favorite single strains and mix either 50/50 or to . The appeal of blending at home is that any desired mixture can be made. Some of the more popular self blends are red-white, red-gold, and green-gold. Blends can benefit in more than one way; for instance, they can help keep at bay same-strain syndrome, also known as stagnant-strain syndrome. Check out our previous newsletter on same-strain syndrome for more information. Finding and making your own blends is a complete game changer. Not only can one or two desired effects from a single strain be met at once, but multitude of needs can be met with one serving. 

Branching Out Makes All the Difference

Make sure to have many strains in your personal inventory so you can try new and exciting blends. If you’ve been consuming the same few single strains for an extended period of time, it’s time to branch out and get a wider variety of strains. It’s important both to have your personal results stay up to par and to avoid same-strain syndrome. Now is your time to be a mad scientist with kratom and experiment as much as you can- the results may surprise you!

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