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Working Out With Kratom


Consumers have learned that there are many benefits of adding kratom extract, powder, or capsules to a daily routine, but even more are discovering another benefit from this versatile herb. Many workout enthusiasts who also consume kratom will rave about how well kratom helps them during their workouts. There’s a growing trend of consumers who will take kratom solely to assist with bodybuilding and cardio routines. From consumers on Reddit to various articles online, this newsletter will explore some of the claims about kratom and working out, plus give resources for more information. 

Looking Into the Kratom Science Article-

Kratom Science is a website that discusses all the benefits or drawbacks of kratom. In the article, Working out with Kratom as a fitness supplement, they discuss how more research is needed to validate exactly how kratom benefits those who consume it for working out. Kratom Science defines pre-workout supplements as being “designed to generate confidence and motivation, as well as to increase energy and resistance.” They follow up the definition with a scientific explanation about how kratom may actually work as a pre-workout supplement because it is a vasodilator which means it causes blood to be able to circulate more freely, so the body can send more blood to areas in need. When working out, the body needs more blood to areas that endure more strain, like muscles. Kratom Science goes on to discuss other possible ways that kratom may help with motivation, workout tolerance, weight loss, and so on. As always, there are certain things that Austin Organic Village has to steer away from discussing because of regulation on vendors, but the article is linked above.

The Fox Magazine-

The Fox Magazine’s is an inspirational magazine for those who seek to change the world or themselves. They wrote an article called Six Ways to Use Kratom in Fitness and Meet Your Exercise Goals that makes claims about how kratom can help with building muscle mass, remaining motivated, and many other things. They detail a workout routine, pre-workout kratom recommendations, and finding the right amount that can work for each individual. Austin Organic Village can neither validate or promote these claims, but all knowledge is good knowledge and gaining knowledge and resources to make the right decision is important.

The IHCC.COM and Sonoma Valley Sun

The is a guide for everything from cannabis, kratom, and cbd, to mushrooms, and nootropics. This website has a whole section on less conventional supplements to help with working out and bodybuilding. Their article, How To Work Out On Kratom, details everything from a pre-kratom workout, to strains that bodybuilders prefer and more. 

The Sonoma Valley Sun’s article, Kratom and Workout: The 4 Things You Must Know, gives a brief history of kratom before going into details about pre and post workout routines with kratom. They make claims about energy, stamina, oxygen, focus, motivation, and more. They breakdown how kratom works, their personal ideas on dosage for working out, and FDA regulations.


Most of the reviews about working out with kratom on Reddit are positive but there are one or two consumers who said that it wasn’t for them. The people who praise kratom for working out claim increased focus, motivation, and possibly energy. There are quite a few kratom consumers that workout who said they’ve made great gains and that this plant has been wonderful for them. The few naysayers said that they noticed they were backsliding and had to move on without the kratom.  


If working out is something you love, or maybe you’re looking to get in shape, then there are a lot of resources out there to help you find out if kratom is right for you. Getting those summer bodies ready to go is a priority for a lot of people. If you didn’t know, Austin Organic Village has also covered how kratom works and much more in the different newsletters on the website. Just type in a topic in the newsletter search bar with keywords pertaining to the information you’re looking for. Austin Organic Village cannot make any medical claims, nor can we state whether these claims are true one way or the other. All we can do is share resources for you to make a decision that’s right for you. Always make sure to speak to a healthcare professional before starting any major new exercise routine. Now, take the coupon code, and go buy the best kratom in Dallas