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Kratom Information

Growing Kratom

Growing a Kratom Plant? There’s a lot that goes into growing a kratom plant. It’s important to decide questions such as whether you want to grow from seeds or a clone, which strain you want to grow, and more. Kratom seeds can be expensive, and knowing the difference between the seed pod and the seeds

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Kratom Information

A Kratom Capsule Guide

A Kratom Capsule Introduction Capsules may seem overwhelming at first, but they really are pretty easy. They actually simplify the kratom (and even herb) experience. There are two types of capsules, vegetable capsules, and gelatin capsules. Most people find the veggie caps dissolve easier and are less harsh on the stomach, but some people like

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Kratom Information

Kratom Storage

Is Kratom Storage Important? Storage is very important. If you don’t store your kratom properly, you’ll end up with extreme quality issues. Improper storage, oxidation, and UV light exposure can actually change the makeup of your kratom. You may find it unbelievable, but the alkaloid mitragynine will actually turn into something else, making your kratom

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Kratom Information

Potentiating Kratom

What is Potentiate Kratom? Potentiating kratom means using an herb, fruit, or process to make a serving of kratom more effective. If you feel like you’re consuming too much or your usual serving size is less effective, then trying a natural way to potentiate your kratom might be the right move for you. There are

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Kratom Information

Everything Extract Edition

What is Kratom Extract? Extracts are basically kratom powder cooked down into either a condensed tea, a resin, or crystal powder. Making extract is not an easy process. It’s easy to mess it up; you can get it too hot, not dry it down enough, fail to protect it properly with preservatives. You can waste

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Kratom Information

Let’s Talk About It: Akuamma/Akuammine

Akuamma, What is it? Akuamma is the seed that comes from the picralima nitida tree. It originates in the tropical regions of Africa and is largely used as an anti-inflammatory. Akuammine and pericine are two of the most active alkaloids in akuamma. Akuammine is very similar to the alkaloid mitragynine (which is found in kratom).

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