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How To Know When It’s Time To Switch Strains


Kratom consumers both new and experienced will all eventually fall into the same trap. They will all find a strain or two they really like, and they will continue to consume only that favored strain or two until one day, they suddenly question if the quality of the strain has changed or if their bodies are just not responding as well. It is important to switch kratom strains up, but it’s also really hard to do when there’s a strain that seems to work so perfectly that others don’t seem to compare. The thing is, when consumers first try the strains they love, they are generally switching from another strain. The new strain can feel stronger and perform better because they haven’t been consuming it regularly. Especially if the consumer tapers from one strain to the other.  Austin Organic Village has discussed in detail the reason why this happens in the Same Strain Syndrome newsletter. Today, the discussion will be about recognizing the signs that it’s time to switch. 

Feeling Sluggish-

If the consumer gets to the point that they are not feeling the effects of the kratom they are consuming, even if they take more, they’ve waited too long and it’s past time to switch. This situation will definitely require a taper from one strain to the next. In order to avoid that scenario, it’s important to do a self evaluation every day. If feeling sluggish or feeling the need for an extra kratom drink throughout the day is within that evaluation, it’s time to switch. Feeling sluggish, or the need to consume more, is the first sign that the body is not getting the same effects. 

Less Restful Sleep-

If nights have become a bit more restless, and sleep isn’t coming as easily for multiple nights in a row, it is probably time to change strains. Many consumers report that while using kratom throughout the day, they find that they have more quality sleep sessions. Whether this is a direct result of kratom consumption or a result of having more productive and peaceful days while consuming kratom is a matter up for debate, but if sleep patterns are changing for the worse over a prolonged period, then it’s time for a change. 

A Little Achy and More-

Life can be painful on a good day. Human bodies are amazing vessels that put up with a lot of abuse. From getting sick, to not getting enough sleep, there are a lot of reasons why people can get a little achy. If there isn’t another underlying cause for the slight body aches, and they happen in any combination with any of the other signs,  it’s probably time to consider trying a new strain. 

A few other signs to consider are appetite changes, mood shifts, and any other general daily functions that seem to be altered from their usual state. It’s an easy issue to avoid as long as consumers stays on top of switching strains or taking breaks regularly, but favorites are favorites for a reason, and eventually everyone finds themselves needing to switch it up after inadvertently taking a strain for too long. 


If, after reading this, you find that you need a new strain or two, Austin Organic Village has a great selection for you. With a wide variety of GMP certified high quality strains and amazing customer support representatives, our kratom shop in Houston has just what you need. There’s even a coupon code at the end of this newsletter which can help you switch up strains regularly at a discount. Kratom can be an amazing tool, it’s important to make sure that you get all of the benefits it has to offer by making sure it stays effective for your needs.