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Back to the Basics: A Kratom Storage Guide

Many new kratom consumers wonder about kratom’s shelf life. The answer to that question is complex and depends on a lot of factors. The quick and basic answer to that question is, if the bag is open and being used regularly, it will last about 6 to 8 weeks. But it can be longer if it’s stored properly or shorter if stored improperly. 

The inevitable question that comes after that is: “What’s the best way to store it?” The best way to store kratom products depends on many factors. From the frequency of use to stocking up, this newsletter will break down kratom storage for old and new consumers alike. 

Basic Guidelines for Everyday

If the storage is for the everyday consumer who keeps enough on hand for two months or less, then storage can be much easier. It’s best to put it in an airtight container, like Tupperware or a mason jar. Make sure to store the containers in a cool, dark, and dry place, like a cabinet. Sunlight and moisture can make kratom less potent or cause mold to grow. If it ever has a musty smell, do not consume the kratom because it has likely gotten some moisture in it, and is now growing mold or mildew. It should smell earthy, like dirt, and never like mildew. Do not place kratom in the fridge or freezer unless it is vacuum sealed and intended to be kept long term, but even then there are safer options. The moisture from the fridge can get into the container and ruin the kratom. 

Storage for Stocking Up

If the consumer wants a large stock of kratom to last for months or even years, the guidelines change quite a bit. It is incredibly important to make sure that any extra stock is vacuum sealed or kept in the light and airtight bags it is sent in. Any air that gets in will age kratom more quickly and can waste a lot of money. 

Temperature is just as important to a large stock of kratom as air. Making sure that the vacuum-sealed kratom is stored in a place that is temperature controlled is imperative. Cooler temps are better when it comes to kratom, but make sure the temperature is sustainable. A nice and shady cabinet in an air-conditioned home is perfectly sufficient, as long as the cabinet isn’t opened often and isn’t subjected to sunlight. The alkaloids in the kratom that make it effective can break down more quickly if subjected to warm temperatures or sunlight. Properly stored stock can have a shelf life exceeding two years.


Whether it’s a stock or everyday use, finding a dry, cool, and light-tight cabinet seems to be the best place to store kratom to extend its shelf life. There’s a lot of nuance in shelf life and kratom storage. Unless the kratom is for immediate use within a very short time period, the light-proof bags sent from vendors may not be the best place to keep a supply. Even with zippers, the seal becomes worn over time. If the plan is to use the bag in its entirety in under two weeks, then the bags that the kratom comes in are fine. If the consumer is going to rotate through a multitude of strains, then using small jars or other small well-sealed containers is more ideal. 

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