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To Mix or Not To Mix: Kratom and Drinks

If you’re new to the world of kratom, you may be wondering what to mix your kratom with. Many consumers of kratom choose to mix their plain leaf powder into a drink of choice. Mixing it with a favored drink can make consumption more pleasant, but picking which drink is best can be a bit taxing. 

Because of the kratom plant’s unique makeup, plain leaf powder can be hard to mix into certain liquids. Room temperature or hot liquids are better than cold liquids or liquids on ice. Kratom powder doesn’t dissolve into fluid, it binds to it. If improperly mixed, the consumer may find that they are drinking an unpleasant, lumpy, and powdery mess. Not to worry! There are a few tips and tricks to make everything go down more smoothly.


Water is the most accessible and obvious first choice for a quick kratom drink mix. Kratom doesn’t have the most pleasant taste, and water will not cover it at all. If the bitter taste isn’t an issue, then water can be a great choice. The biggest issue when it comes to mixing with water is the temperature of the water. Kratom both binds to and repels water. When placing a spoonful of kratom into a glass of water, the water will bind with the outer layer of the kratom and then repel attempts to mix. The problem is worse with cold water and impossible with iced water. Room temperature or warm water is best. Even with room temperature water, if it is mixed too quickly, there can still be an issue. 

In order to have a pleasant kratom water experience, placing a spoonful of kratom in a glass of water and letting it sit for a few minutes before trying to mix can allow the water time to soak through the kratom rather than just bind to the outer layer. Another work-around for room temperature water is to pour the kratom into a half-full bottle of water, then put the top on and shake. This will cause a tiny bit of bubbling or foam, but it’s not any more unpleasant than drinking water with kratom in a glass. The only downfall to this method is that some kratom will stick to the inside of the bottle, so the consumer may not get the full amount they expected. Adding a little more can combat that issue, and the water bottle method is the fastest for on-the-go water and kratom drink mixing. 


It may seem like it would be a good idea to mix soda with kratom, but there are some pretty valid reasons why that’s not the best idea. Not only will it be hard to mix because the water in the drink will bind with the kratom molecules, the CO2 will react with the powder and produce a thick layer of foam. Even after removing as much of the foam as possible, the mix will continue to foam after consumption. This can cause bloating, burping, and possibly nausea or vomiting. 

If soda is the only thing there to mix the kratom with, then there are a few tips that may make the experience more pleasant. Mix the kratom and soda in a glass, it will explode out of a bottle or can. The biggest tip is to mix it up and let it sit. It’s best to let the reaction happen fully, don’t rush, and let as much of the CO2 escape as possible. Mix 3 or 4 times thoroughly. It’s okay to drink after just a few minutes. The foam can be removed or consumed. By letting it sit, the gas escapes into the glass rather than going into the stomach. The final tip is to use a large cup and only fill it halfway with the soda. 

Juice and Milk

Mixing kratom with a favored juice can be a great experience and is enjoyed by many consumers. Citrus is a known potentiator, so be sure to adjust the amount consumed accordingly. Mixing it can be a bit more complicated because juices are often kept in the fridge to keep them fresh, but there’s still that tiny pesky binding and repelling issue. If pouring a glass of juice directly out of a bottle in the fridge, it’s best to wait. Pour it into the glass and walk away for a few minutes. After a few minutes, put the kratom in the glass on top of the juice and walk away, again. After another couple of minutes, mix it with a spoon and drink it down. If on the go and mix in a bottle of juice, drink part of the bottle down, add kratom, put the top back on, and shake it a lot before drinking. 

The process of mixing milk with kratom is the same as mixing with juice. The main difference is that milk is not a potentiator. Some consumers have claimed that they have to consume a bit more when mixed with milk. The likely reason why is that not everyone can digest milk as well as other liquids, so it probably depends on the person consuming the drink. 

Tea and Coffee

Mixing kratom with hot tea or coffee is probably the most simple kratom drink to make. Kratom mixes much easier in warm or hot liquids. The best part of drinking kratom with tea or coffee is that it really doesn’t take any longer to make than tea or coffee without kratom, and it breaks down the powder more which helps the body digest and absorb more of the kratom alkaloids. If drinking tea or coffee is a preference, bottoms up!


Exploring and finding which kratom concoctions are preferable can be enjoyable and fun! Life is an adventure, why can’t kratom be as well? Hopefully, this guide will make navigating kratom drink mixes much easier, and maybe even offer some ideas for the future. Austin Organic Village is always committed to serving customers in any way possible. So, take this coupon code to our kratom shop and buy something new or treasured. It’s time to mix it up!