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The Strains Explained

There are a lot of myths out there about kratom strains and how they differ. While the strains can differ noticeably, the difference all happens during the drying process. Kratom consumers have claimed that the strains vary from region to region, tree to tree, or from the age of the leaves. While the name can often vary from region to region, almost all of the kratom in the United States comes from Indonesia. Therefore, it is very rare to truly get a strain from a different region.

Picked and Separated-
Various workers will pick the leaves off of kratom trees planted in rows intended for farming. Some suppliers claim that certain strains are picked from wild kratom trees, but if this is accurate, it’s not the norm. After being picked, the leaves are then transported to the processor where they are promptly placed in huge piles. From there, they have to be carefully dried, crushed, or made into a powder to package. After packaging, a supplier will then sell and ship the product to its intended destination.

The Strains-
The variation in the strains comes in a few different ways. First, the drying process. In order to make certain alkaloids more or less potent, the leaves are dried in different ways. After drying and turning the leaves into a kratom powder, the mixing begins. Seasoned suppliers mix in different ways to get their different strains.
The thing is, this whole process makes the strains that consumers buy from vendors a toss up. One vendor’s green maeng da may be the next vendor’s green bali and so on. There is no industry standard for individualized strains.
Luckily, Austin Organic Village has always purchased from the same Indonesian supplier since the beginning. This brings a measure of stability and quality to the product that otherwise wouldn’t be there. It’s why we are the best kratom supplier!

What Does It Mean?-
The fact is, this has been the process since kratom became such a large industry in the United States, and it will continue to be the process. The only thing that really changes is the knowledge of the consumer. If certain strains work for the individual, that’s great, but realizing that there is not as much variation in the strains could really help the next time a favored strain is out of stock or discontinued. The same kratom with the same great quality will continue to be offered by Austin Organic Village.

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