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The Ins and Outs of Traveling With Kratom

Vacation Time?

The world is settling back into normal routines after a year-and-a-half-long pandemic. It’s summertime and many people and families are itching to travel and go on vacations, but don’t want to leave their wellness at home. There are always major questions for kratom consumers who are about to travel out of state. Is it safe to travel with kratom? Can you bring kratom on a plane? There are safe ways to travel with kratom and ways to reduce the risk of getting in trouble or causing delays while on the roads or in the skies.

Is It Legal To Fly With Kratom? 

Can kratom be carried on a plane? Yes, kratom can be carried on planes because it is federally legal. The only issue comes when the final destination is in a banned state. Planning vacations in states or countries where kratom is legal should be a top priority if having kratom readily available is an important part of your wellness routine. Some websites list the legal status of kratom both domestically and internationally which can help with planning. Make sure to check them before finalizing any vacation plans. 

Tip For Easy Travel to Kratom Legal Destinations

While you can fly with kratom, to avoid delays, being detained, or unnecessary questioning, always leave kratom products in their original packaging. The packaging should list ingredients and be authentic. Kratom can be brought in a carry-on, although the best way to travel with kratom is by storing it in your checked bag. Be prepared to have a closer examination if brought in a carry-on bag. If questioned by security at the airport, be honest about what it is and what it’s used for. That will make things much easier than lying or acting nervous about it. Capsules are much easier to handle while on the road or in the skies and can be bought pre-made.

What About Traveling to Banned States or Countries?

Some multiple options and steps can be taken if your destination ends up being in a banned state or country. Other herbal options may help similarly to kratom. Mitragyna hirsuta, mitragyna javanica, and akuamma could be an alternative to kratom. If possible, consider tapering before the trip for a more pleasant and worry-free experience. 

Whatever alternative is chosen, it’s important to make sure to check the laws in each desired destination before packing for the trip. Do not attempt to take kratom into a country where it is banned. This could end badly for all involved since a lot of foreign laws and prisons are very strict. 

Travel Safely With Kratom From Austin Organic Village

With so many vacation opportunities this summer, don’t let the fear of traveling with kratom hold you back from having a wonderful time with your family. Everybody deserves to get away now and then. As long as it’s done safely and cautiously, traveling with kratom is very possible and easy. Austin Organic Village is here to support customers in their kratom travel needs. We are the best place to buy kratom online so stock up and enjoy your summertime adventures! 

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