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Thailand Decriminalized Kratom

A Major Win for Kratom-

On the 24th of August Thailand made kratom  legal to possess, sell, buy, grow, and  consume. This is a huge win for global kratom legality. The more than 1,300 Thai citizens who have been convicted or are serving time due to kratom related offenses will be granted amnesty and released from jail. 

A Little History-

Native to the region, kratom has been consumed in Thailand for generations. Kratom was made illegal during the Kratom Act of 1943. According to an article by, the black market opium trade in Thailand was the main reason for the ban. Kratom use spread far and wide and threatened the opium taxes the Thai government was collecting on. Revised in 1979 and labeled the Narcotics Act, kratom was labeled a class 5 narcotic. Then in 2016, the Office of Narcotics Control Board allowed a province to grow and consume over 1500 kratom plants in an informal study. The test was so successful that they began the process of overturning the kratom ban. In 2018, kratom was made legal for medicinal purposes. They also made it legal for kratom farmers to sell and export kratom. It was a short jump to complete legalization in August of 2021. 

It’s A Celebration!-

Today, the kratom consumers in Thailand are celebrating a hard won victory. An ABC article claims that the move was to relieve overcrowding in Thai prisons and allow the crop to help bring money in. According to a Vice article, “Thailand has relaxed some drug laws in recent years, although its much-anticipated and potentially lucrative medical marijuana industry has yet to take off.” No matter the reasoning behind the move, hopefully Thailand’s decision can be enlightening for the rest of the world.


There’s a shift taking place in the world. From marijuana to kratom, the world is starting to accept the benefits of herbal medicine and natural remedies. The global mindset is shifting and prohibitions against natural substances are ending. There are even studies looking into the benefits of hallucinogenic mushrooms used in small doses to combat depression. People are beginning to see that natural is better and prohibition is pointless. As fellow kratom lovers Austin Organic Village would like to send congratulations to Thailand and it’s residents.