Kratom Toss and Wash

Kratom Toss and Wash


Toss and Wash

So many kratom consumers use the toss and wash method in order to consume their product. What is toss and wash? During toss and wash, the consumer will take a spoonful of kratom powder and place it in their mouth, then follow with a flush of liquid, or they may already have their mouth filled with liquid, and follow behind with the powder and more liquid. The pros of toss and wash are that it can be done very quickly and can be done basically anywhere. There is a huge potential downfall to this method. If the consumer breathes wrong before the liquid is mixed in, there is potential to breathe in the powder and choke. This can be terrifying.

Kratom Tea

Kratom tea can be made a few different ways. Mixing kratom powder into a cup of warm water (adding sugar or not), putting the powder in a tea bag and placing into a really hot mug of water to steep, making a cup of tea, like earl grey, and then adding in some kratom powder and sugar to taste, or even in a large pitcher to be consumed throughout the day. This is a common method. It tends to be effective and some even say they get better results and are able to digest more of the alkaloids this way. The largest issue with kratom tea is the inability to make it just anywhere. Consumers generally need a kitchen or at the very least a microwave. For the people used to being on the move, this may not be the best method.

Mixing Kratom with Juice

Another popular method is mixing the kratom with juice, chocolate milk, or other various drinks. Placing it in a bottle, then shaking it really well, or in a glass and stirring for a good ten minutes is a fairly simple way to consume your product. This can be achieved on the go, or while at home, making it a much safer method than the toss and wash.

Kratom Capsules

Capsules are great for those who are on the go. They can be made at home with a capsule machine or bought premade, and carried discreetly in a vitamin jar or sandwich bag. They can be consumed easily and make little to no mess. The biggest con of capsules is the time it takes to premake them for the day. If it’s done the night before for the upcoming day, making them can become part of a routine. The capsule machines cost around $20 and make a 48 at a time. There are some that make 100 at a time, but they are a bit more complicated. A bag of 1000 empty capsules costs around $15 and can be used for a while. It’s easier to measure the amount consumed with capsules than just using a spoon to toss and wash a random amount.

Oblate Disks 

Oblate disks can be bought online. Making them can be a bit more complex than capsules. The film is set down and the measured amount is placed onto the film like the picture above. Then the consumer has to roll up the product and disk into a tiny and tight burrito-like shape and seal with a tiny amount of water. There are quite a few tutorials that can be found online. Some people report that they really enjoy the disks.

Honey Balls-

Honey balls are made by mixing a small amount of honey with a larger amount of kratom. For those interested in this process, there are tutorials online. This is something that can be made and carried on trips, consumed in public easily, and isn’t that much different from capsules. The biggest difference is the mess this makes when creating the honey balls. Also, if these get into heat, it could soften them and cause them to meld together. Lots of consumers enjoy this method despite the obvious mess involved.

In Conclusion

The truth is, there are a lot of different ways to consume kratom. There’s not a single right way to do it. It’s really about what works best for the individual. Hopefully these ideas help with exploring kratom and at least give some fun new ideas and methods to try. There are a lot of strains to be tried and a lot of ways to try them. For a discount,  the coupon code is:


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