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Is The Kratom Industry Harmful To The Earth?


As the collective consciousness about the health and wellbeing of the Earth grows, more and more industries are coming under fire for being terrible for the planet. From palm oil and almond milk, to plastics and vehicles, many things humans consume or utilize are severely damaging to the planet we inhabit. It has become increasingly clear that the Earth is struggling with decades of greenhouse gas emissions and resultant climate change. Now with more than 50% higher levels of carbon dioxide and more than double the amount of methane in the atmosphere, the planet is heating up. The more than 2 degrees fahrenheit that the Earth has warmed since the Industrial Revolution, is causing issues that humankind is just now really starting to see the scope of. Just a few of the consequences of climate change are heat waves, droughts, larger and more frequent forest fires, floods, and more frequent and destructive hurricanes.


Deforestation has a huge impact on the Earth and climate change. As humankind clears out more and more natural habitats, not only are the natural ecosystems getting upset, animals displaced, and species disappearing, but the trees inhabiting the planet are largely responsible for converting carbon dioxide into oxygen. Since the carbon dioxide levels are a large part of why the Earth is warming, this is a huge problem. Deforestation isn’t only happening for housing, cities, and businesses, but also for industries making products like palm oil. 

The mass use of palm oil is directly related to the clearing of rainforests. Rainforests are a huge part of what is keeping greenhouse gases at bay. As the forests are being cut down to mass produce palm oil, the planet is suffering. As long as there is a huge and growing demand for palm oil in food, shampoo, and soap products, people will continue to illegally destroy rainforests in order to meet that demand. 

The Earth And Kratom

The good news about kratom is that it grows naturally in the countries it comes from. A lot of farmers will get the kratom leaves from old established trees and there is no need to destroy the trees to get the product. The farmers that use kratom farms don’t have to cut down forest to grow their trees. They never pick all of the kratom leaves off of a tree. Perhaps even better, the process of drying and packaging kratom is pretty natural and doesn’t leave a huge footprint on the Earth. 

The most negative thing that could be said about kratom is the use of plastic bags to package it. Even with the plastic bags, as long as they are recycled when possible, or disposed of properly, the impact is minor compared to other industries. Kratom trees are beautiful, and grow extremely large in the right environment. More kratom trees can only help the environment. 


There is a need for consumers to avoid certain products, but kratom isn’t one of them. Kratom is a product that helps the planet more than it hurts and is a renewable product that can continue to help the planet even while being consumed by millions. The jungles where kratom trees grow are essential in keeping the planet healthy. Those concerned about the environment can enjoy kratom guilt free because the benefits far outweigh any damage done by the packaging being used to distribute it. If you’re looking to buy kratom from one of the top rated kratom vendors, visit our online shop!