Capsules Vs. Oblate Discs


Kratom can be consumed in many different ways. Austin Organic Village has covered many of those in detail in previous newsletters. There was a whole kratom capsule guide newsletter released in July of 2020. One way to consume kratom that AOV has discussed only in passing is using oblate discs for kratom consumption. This newsletter will cover oblate discs in detail and then will compare the use of them to kratom capsules. Please go to the kratom capsule guide newsletter to find a more in depth review of capsule use. 

What Are Oblate Discs?-

Oblate discs are flat circular pieces of glutinous rice paper. Despite the word, glutinous, these discs do not contain gluten. The word glutinous just refers to the type of rice that they were made from, which in this case is sweet rice. Glutinous rice film is much more pliable and stretchy than film made with non-glutinous rice. In order to make these discs, the rice is beaten down until it is made into a powder, then processed into a thin film. 

Even though they are often referred to as discs, these films do come in square shape as well. It’s all a matter of preference. Both shapes essentially serve the same purpose and are used in the same way. 

How Are They Used?-

There are two different ways most consumers use oblate discs to consume kratom. The most common yet complex way is to fold the film into a small burrito. The other way is to make it into a sort of tear drop shape. With both of these methods, it may be helpful to either quickly drop the whole thing in a glass of water to lubricate, dip it in water, or place it on a spoon and drip water onto it. Lubricating it can help make swallowing it easier. 

Small Burrito Instructions-

Step 1- Place as little as 2 but no more than 3 grams of kratom on the film (using more could cause the film to tear, overfill, or be hard to swallow). 

Step 2- Fold the film almost in half from the bottom up. 

Step 3- Fold the right and left sides in towards the center. 

Step 4- Roll until nearly closed. 

Step 5- Put a little water from the tip of a finger across the very top end, then finish the roll and press down to seal. 

The Teardrop Instructions-

Step 1- Place 2 to 3 grams of kratom in the center of the film. 

Step 2- Pull all edges up to the center making a sort of bag holding the kratom at the bottom with a point on the top.

Step 3- Seal the top with a little water on the finger and add a little pressure until the little pouch is sealed. 

The Comparison-

Capsules can be bought premade, while oblate discs have to be made at home. Premade capsules have a huge convenience factor in their favor.  If both are being made at home, then there is a time factor to be considered with both. Capsules are smaller and easier to swallow, but you don’t have to consume as many oblate disc pouches to get the desired effect. Oblate discs have reportedly been hard to swallow for some, while others swear by them. Both should be consumed using room temperature water or they could take longer to break down in the digestive system. If using gel capsules, they can be hard on the stomach, while vegetarian capsule consumers do not report the same issue. Oblate discs are vegetarian and break down rather quickly if wet when swallowed. Some consumers have complained at how easily the discs can rupture and tear while capsules won’t generally break as easily. There’s a bit of a learning curve when learning how to make the oblate film into consumable pouches, while making capsules is pretty self-explanatory.


There is a lot to consider when exploring the different ways to consume kratom. There’s no wrong way to consume kratom, as long as it works for the individual, then it’s right. Capsules have quite a few benefits, while the discs have some of their own. The most important thing to be aware of is that consumption is being done in a safe and effective manner. Use caution especially when using the discs, make sure not to make them too big and to use plenty of water to help them go down.