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The Best Kratom Drinks For Winter

Brrr, It’s Cold!

Winter is upon us and it’s getting cold. As we enter this holiday season, staying warm and comfortable becomes a necessity. There are a number of holiday drinks that many people enjoy. These recipes will combine the love for kratom with the warmth and comfort of tradition. Grab a mug and settle in for the winter recipe newsletter with a twist. 

Ginger-Lemon-Kratom Tea


-Fresh Ginger

-Fresh Lemon





  1. Thinly slice the fresh ginger. No  need to peel it first, but it does need to be rinsed and scrubbed. Use  about one inch of ginger per cup of tea.
  2. In a saucepan, combine the sliced ginger with fresh water (use one cup of water per serving).
  3. Bring the mixture to a boil over high heat. Reduce the heat as necessary to maintain a gentle simmer.
  4. Add desired amount of kratom
  5. Simmer for five minutes (or up to 10 minutes, if you want extra-strong tea). 
  6. Pour the tea through a fine sieve.
  7. Add slices of lemon and honey to taste and enjoy!

Spiced Apple Cider With Kratom




-Orange Peel

-Cinnamon Sticks


-Fresh Ginger

-Maple Syrup

-Brown Sugar



1-Prep everything first. Start by thoroughly washing the apples. Use a knife to remove the seeds and stem from the apples. Grab a large bowl, place a colander inside the bowl. Add a double-layered cheesecloth to the bowl and then make sure to find a smaller bowl that fits inside the colander. You’ll also need a 28-ounce can that fits inside the small bowl. This will help mimic a traditional apple press.

2-Process the apples. In the bowl of a food processor, add enough apple slices to fill the bowl about 3/4 of the way full. Pulse the apples until they break down into a sauce-like consistency. Pour this mixture into the lined colander, placed over the large bowl. And repeat this process until all the apples have been pulsed. Place the smaller bowl over the apple pulp and place the can inside the bowl. Allow our make-shift ‘press’ to squeeze out all the cider for at least 15-20 minutes. Then, bring the ends of the cheesecloth together, twist, and wring out as much of the cider from the apples as you can into the large bowl.

3-Make cider. Add the squeezed cider to a medium saucepan. Taste the cider and add sugar and maple syrup to taste. Then, add orange peels and whole cloves to a saucepan along with the cinnamon stick, kratom and water. Heat the cider nice and slow over low heat. You want the cider to get all that spice flavor, but you don’t want the cider to boil. Make sure the temperature doesn’t heat past 160-165ºF. I use my meat thermometer every 3-5 minutes to keep an eye on it. Strain the cider one last time through a fine mesh strainer to remove the orange peel and whole spices. Serve the cider in mugs immediately, make sure to add a cinnamon stick to the mug and enjoy!

Kratom Holiday Eggnog


-6 large eggs

-½ cup sugar

-1 cup heavy whipping cream

-2 cups milk

-½ teaspoon ground nutmeg

-pinch of salt

-¼ teaspoon vanilla extract


-ground cinnamon 


1-whisk egg yolks and sugar until light and creamy

2-combine milk, cream, nutmeg, and salt in a saucepan over medium heat until it reaches a bare simmer

3-add a large spoonful of the milk mixture to the egg mixture while whisking vigorously

4-once the hot milk mixture is added to the egg mixture, pour the full mix back into the saucepan and heat

5-whisk constantly until mixture is slightly thickened or reaches 160 degrees

6-remove from heat, mix in vanilla and kratom

7-pour into a pitcher, cover with plastic wrap, and put in the fridge

8-refrigerate until chilled (it should thicken as it cools)

9-pour into cups and sprinkle with cinnamon (whipped cream if desired)

10- enjoy!


Kratom is part of a daily routine, but it doesn’t have to be boring, These winter recipes are drinks many enjoy every year. By adding organic kratom to them, consuming kratom suddenly becomes a lot more enjoyable. There are all sorts of kratom recipes out there. Being adventurous in a daily routine can make each day a lot more fun and unique. Shop our organic kratom for sale and contact our customer service adovcates for more information!