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Best Kratom Drinks For Your Well Being

Amplifying your natural health routine with plant-based goodness can provide a myriad of benefits. But, as is true for any wellness strategy, it’s essential that you find ingredients that agree with your body and your overall health plans. Like each fruit and vegetable provides a specific supply of varying vitamins and minerals, each strain of kratom offers a unique profile of calming, energizing, or restorative properties. 

Ultimately, only you can decide which strains and complementary ingredients align with you, but here are some helpful ideas to get your creative recipe creations underway! 

Understanding Basic Strain Differences

Before mixing strains and random ingredients haphazardly, learning these key strain differences can help you refine your drink recipes accordingly. 

  • Red Kratom Strains: Often described as calming and relieving, this is the most popular strain for those who suffer from stress, sleeplessness, pain, or muscle tension. 
  • Green Kratom Strains: Users have reported feeling more alert, focused, and energized after consuming green strains. Also, green strains may be helpful for pain relief, without any of the associated lethargy or drowsiness. This is a great option for wakeful morning routines, providing a mild supply of energy, not that “jittery” feeling you experience after drinking too much coffee. 
  • White Kratom Strains: If you’re after the most awakening and mood-elevating of the strains, you’ll find the motivating white strains to be a perfect fit. Great for those suffering from low energy levels, fatigue, or individuals who have difficulty concentrating. 

Start Your Day With a Pop of Citrus

Grab any of our awakening strains and mix them with orange juice, grapefruit juice, or any combination of healthful citrus to jumpstart your day. Beyond the natural health benefits of incorporating fresh citrus into your diet, advantages like masking the earthy kratom taste and accelerating the kratom absorption rate (i.e. grapefruit juice potentiates the kratom alkaloids) will take your morning routine to the next level. 

Unwind With a Nutrient Rich Mix

After a workout or stressful day, rewarding your body with a potent kratom extract and other natural ingredients is exactly what it deserves. To maximize the beneficial potential of your favorite red strain, we like to combine fresh ingredients like nuts, chia seeds, quinoa, coconut, protein powder, and your favorite milk/milk alternative. Blend it all up, garnish it with some fresh cocoa or mint, and know that your body, mind, and soul will appreciate your creative efforts. 

Begin or End Your Day With a Heart-Warming Tea

To craft the perfect kratom tea, combine your favorite tea with a gram or two of your favorite strain. Be sure to let your boiled water cool for ~8-10 minutes before steeping the kratom/tea mix, since excessive heat can damage the kratom alkaloids.  

Need the best kratom in Houston to complement your favorite green, white, or black tea? We recommend thoughtful pairings like chamomile and Red Maeng Da to sleep well, or uplift your mind with a honey-infused green tea and Green Borneo blend.