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AOV’s Holiday Travel Checklist


It’s that time of year again! Time to gather with loved ones near and far. A lot of people stay at home or meet their family who live nearby, but many others will either travel to be with their loved ones, or go on a grand winter holiday vacation. No matter what the plan is for this holiday season, it will hopefully be a wonderful experience filled with loved ones and smiles. If traveling is in the cards this year, there are some important things to consider adding to a winter holiday checklist. 

Traveling With Kratom-

No matter if you plan to drive, fly, take a bus, or a train, if you want to have a way to easily consume kratom, capsules are the way to go. Trying to toss and wash, mix up a drink, or wrap up an oblate disc is going to be way too difficult while on the way to a destination.

If on a plane, it would draw too much attention to consume anything other than capsules. If powder is preferred, make sure to check your powder in the clearly labeled bag it came in, and pack your capsules in your carryon bag inside of a clearly labeled bottle. It is important to have the product clearly labeled in order to protect yourself and make sure there are no issues with TSA. 

If your travel is on a train, you will have a little more freedom in packaging. It is still much easier to consume capsules while traveling on a train. There will be limited space and limited privacy. Capsules make everything easier on the rails. Imagine trying to clean up a large kratom spill while on a train. Carrying the powdered kratom for use once at a destination is much more logical than trying to mess with it while on the go. 

If you’re driving to your destination and are going to be on the road for a while, capsules are honestly the best answer. It’s impossible to mess with kratom powder while behind the wheel. Even if you are at a rest stop or gas station, it wastes so much time to have to prepare something, unpack until you get to your powder, or even mix up a drink. It’s honestly not worth the hassle nor the mess. A small bottle or small baggie with capsules can be kept in the glove box or in a purse for easy access. 

There is little to no privacy while traveling on a bus. Capsules are the only logical choice if bus travel is in the cards this year. As many consumers do not wish to draw attention to themselves or have to answer questions regarding their consumption of kratom. 

Exploring Capsule Rumors-

Many consumers complain that capsules don’t work as well for them or that they don’t feel the effects as much. The issue here could be a few different things. If the capsules are consumed with a cold beverage, they take much longer to break down. To speed up the process, using room temperature water helps a lot. Some consumers don’t realize that they may need to consume more capsules than they think. OO capsules contain approximately ½ gram of kratom. Therefore, if the amount consumed is normally 3 grams, the equivalent to that is 6 capsules. Make sure to do the math to convert what you normally consume into the proper amount of capsules. If you’ve done all of this and still seem to be struggling, try drinking a warm drink (tea or coffee) or a room temperature soda behind it. Maybe do some experimenting at home to see what works for you and pack accordingly. Another hack when consuming capsules is taking them about 30 minutes before you normally would, that way if it takes a little longer for them to take effect, you won’t even notice. Some consumers prefer to take them on an empty stomach, and claim that they are much more effective that way. 

The Checklist and Conclusion-

As one of the top rated kratom vendors, Austin Organic Village sells a variety of capsule bottle sizes with premade capsules. We also sell a large variety of strains in powdered kratom. Evaluate trip distance and the amount of capsules you’ll need to get there and back, or for the whole vacation if you’d rather, and order accordingly. Remember that planning ahead can make this holiday vacation much more enjoyable.


  • An appropriate amount of capsules for your travel needs.
  • Kratom powder for when you are at your destination.
  • Your choice of instruments to help consume your kratom once you reach your destination
  • Room temperature water bottles.
  • Room temperature soda if you need a little extra help. 

From all of us at Austin Organic Village, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, and we hope you have an amazing time celebrating this holiday season!