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Let’s Talk About It: Akuamma/Akuammine

Akuamma, What is it?

Akuamma is the seed that comes from the picralima nitida tree. It originates in the tropical regions of Africa and is largely used as an anti-inflammatory. Akuammine and pericine are two of the most active alkaloids in akuamma. Akuammine is very similar to the alkaloid mitragynine (which is found in kratom). It also contains yohimbine which has been used for erectile dysfunction. Akuamma contains antimalarial properties and is used around the world to treat malaria and diarrhea. Known as a fever reducer and mood enhancer, this herb is very versatile. Akuamma is known to attach to opioid receptors and is rumored to assist in withdrawal from other medications. Even though it’s a powerful analgesic, it does not produce a strong euphoric feeling. Consumers describe the effect as more of an energetic good mood feeling with a bonus of anti-inflammatory pain relief, and a great potentiator when taken with kratom.

What Akuamma Do For You?

Anti-inflammatory pain relief, anti-diarrheal properties, fever reduction, and mood enhancement- this herb is extremely versatile. It has the potential to confer a wide range of benefits to many different kinds of consumers. For instance, tylenol and ibuprofen have some negative side effects, so if you’re trying to take less of them, this could be a good herb to try. It’s also a good herb to always have on hand in case of a stomach bug. If you struggle with depression and anxiety, consumers report a positive shift in mood while consuming akuamma. If you’re just looking for something to kick up your kratom effects, this may also be the herb for you. And it’s good to have on hand for treating a stubborn fever, at the very least.

How Do I Consume Akuamma?

Consumption of akuamma can be tricky. The seeds are sold whole, as a powder, or in capsules. In order to consume the whole seeds, you will need to grind them up. This can be difficult. Many people try using  a coffee grinder first. This may be possible, but caution is warranted. These seeds are much harder than coffee beans, and your grinder may be damaged. A high powered food processor or blender capable of grinding ice well may be better suited to the task.

However there is a much easier way than grinding your own whole seeds, since it also comes both pre-ground and prepackaged in capsules and as a powder. Buying in capsule form is generally a little more expensive, but the powder is lower priced. If you buy the powder form, you can either toss and wash or make your own capsules. However, please be aware that this herb has a very strong lingering taste. Be prepared to wash it down with something strongly flavored. Austin Organic Village sells the powder form since this maximizes consumer value. I personally  just make up my own capsules. I make up 24 at a time, put them in a medicine bottle, and have them on hand when I need them.

When trying to determine your serving size, it’s generally suggested to start with about a gram at a time, or about a half a teaspoon. It’s always best to start low and figure out what works for you. Before you add any herbal supplement to your routine, please make sure to discuss your plans with your doctor to determine any possible side effects or interactions with any medicines you take.

**These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition.**