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Kratom & Turmeric: Should You Use Them Together?

Throughout nature and our modern world, symbiotic relationships can be found everywhere. Blossoming trees rely on insects and animals to nurture continued life and transport their seeds. Animals rely on other animals, plants, and interconnected ecosystems to travel, shelter, and find nourishment. Everywhere you look, you will find that symbiotic harmony leads to flourishing life and balance that may not exist without the support of another plant, animal, or ecosystem. 

The same can be found in the world of natural wellness and holistic health. By themselves, quality kratom strains come with a wealth of potential upsides like improved mood, enhanced digestion, and many other strain-specific wellness benefits. Infuse a viable potentiator like turmeric into the mix, and the best properties of kratom become even more pronounced. These two compounds are highly synergistic, safe to consume, and can promote a cascade of uplifting processes within the human body.

But, how do these two popular compounds complement each other so effectively, and why does it matter? 

Kratom Is Potentiated By The Active Curcuminoids In Turmeric

A potentiator is any compound that binds with another compound to increase its potency or the way it interacts within the body. And, depending on the substances that are paired, the results of potentiation can vary significantly. For example, grapefruit, valerian root, caffeine, magnesium, cayenne, and curcumin will all interact with kratom differently, altering the intensity, absorption rate, influential properties, and overall kratom experience. 

In the case of kratom and turmeric, the active curcuminoids in turmeric bind with the alkaloids in kratom, slowing the metabolic breakdown of kratom’s active compounds. In other words, this potent union allows the kratom to absorb evenly and consistently. This can reduce unpredictable fluctuations that may be experienced with or without another potentiator.

Turmeric Is A Great Symbiotic Choice For Many Reasons

In addition to the benefits associated with an even and regulated rate of absorption, both kratom and turmeric are filled with properties that may promote anti-inflammation, anti-oxidation, and other benefits that are further enriched when these two compounds unite. 

Also, unlike many other potentiators like grapefruit juice or caffeine that can lead to an overly intense experience, turmeric can even out the experience, making it easier to manage dosage levels that suit your preferences. 

By using turmeric as a healthful potentiator, it can also bring out the best in our kratom capsules and powder by helping to:  

  • Experience the benefits of your preferred kratom strain more gradually
  • Reduce the amount of kratom you need to achieve your desired outcomes
  • Improve the taste of smoothies and your favorite snacks
  • Support other wellness goals related to oxidative stressors or inflammation

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