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Discussing Different Kratom Strains


There are a lot of strains of kratom out there, and figuring out how each strain will affect each individual can be a tiresome task. Austin Organic Village is not allowed to make claims on just how strains will affect each individual person. The most confusing aspect about kratom is that there are people who will experience effects opposite from other people. Just because the majority of consumers experience a certain physical reaction does not mean all consumers do. The best way for each individual to figure out what works best for them is always going to be trial and error. In this newsletter, AOV will discuss the most common effects of each strain as reported by consumers. AOV is not responsible if personal results are different than expected.

The Strains- 

Red Bali

Consumers most often report this strain as having a lessening of pain, deep sense of relaxation, and enhanced mood. They report taking this mostly in the evening, or after intense workout. 

Red Maeng Da

Most consumers report that red maeng da gives them some energy while still assisting in pain management and enhanced mood. 

Red Super– 

Like red maeng da, red super is very similar, but is reported to give more energy.

White Maeng Da

This strain is reported to give a high energetic boost like that of a strong coffee, while giving less of a pain management boost. Every strain of kratom is said to enhance mood, and white maeng da is no exception. 

White Super– 

This strain is reported to give the consumers an extremely high energetic boost, even more so than white maeng da. Mood enhancement and minor pain management effects are also reported.

White Thai– 

White thai is said to be similar to white super but is reported to have a bit more mood enhancement. 

Green Bali

Green bali is said to have a lot of the same effects as red bali, but more emphasis on energy. 

Green Borneo– 

This strain is reported to give high energy and helpful pain management. 

Green Maeng Da-

Green maeng da is said to give great mood enhancement, high energy, and good pain management assistance. 

Green Super

Most consumers report green super to have high energy, good mood enhancement, and some assistance with pain. 

Yellow Vietnam

Yellow vietnam is reported to have a strong mood enhancement, steady energy, and mild assistance with pain management. 

Full Spectrum Bali

Full spectrum bali is a mix of white, green, yellow, red, and gold bali. This mix combines all of the benefits of the different strains of bali into one, and reflects that in reports from consumers.


Though AOV cannot have any say on the validity of consumer claims, it’s nice to have them all in one spot. Hopefully this guide can assist in helping those who don’t know where to start, or what to try next, find a strain to fit their needs. Nobody knows how these strains may affect you specifically, but it does make them more fun to try. If nothing else, you’ll know how your unique body responds in comparison to the majority of others who consume kratom.