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Kratom Storage

Is Kratom Storage Important?

Storage is very important. If you don’t store your kratom properly, you’ll end up with extreme quality issues. Improper storage, oxidation, and UV light exposure can actually change the makeup of your kratom. You may find it unbelievable, but the alkaloid mitragynine will actually turn into something else, making your kratom less effective. It may take a little work, but proper storage for your product is well worth it in the end.

Some Basic Rules for Storing Kratom

These are the basic rules to get the most out of your kratom experience and maybe even save money in the long run.

Kratom Storage and Air

After opening a bag received from your vendor, if you aren’t going to be using the entire bag within two weeks, you may want to consider placing them in airtight containers. The reason you want to move your product to airtight containers is because the bags they are sent in will deteriorate pretty quickly and the zipper on the bag won’t be as effective at keeping the air out causing quicker oxidation and breakdown of the alkaloids in your kratom. 

Kratom Storage and Light

Just as important as having an airtight solution is to make sure your kratom is stored away from light. If you have a cabinet or drawer, then transparent containers are fine. However, the best way to store it is in opaque containers that block out all light. Then you can still store it in your cabinet or drawer, but you don’t have to worry about light exposure every time you open your storage area. If you like to keep a lot of supplies and take your time moving between your own stock, using opaque containers is the best way to go. This is actually the best practice for all of your wellness herbs.

Kratom Storage and Temperature/Humidity

Temperature and humidity are things you should also take seriously when it comes to your kratom. Keeping it in an area that gets too hot, too cold, or has a lot of temperature fluctuations, is detrimental to your kratom experience. All of these factors change the makeup of your product. Getting it too hot and humid if it isn’t stored properly and it’s been exposed to air even once, can cause things to actually grow in the kratom. When you open your product and air gets in it, you have to think about all the things that float in air, like dust, mold spores, and moisture. This is a perfect environment for your product to grow something that could actually make you sick. Cold or cool temperatures can be great for storage, but if the environment fluctuates from cool to warm, or extreme cold (like in the freezer) to room temperature, and back to freezer temperatures, this will damage the structural integrity of your product. 

To keep humidity out if you live in a humid environment, using a silica gel dehumidifier cup in your storage area could be a great asset to you. If by chance, you think your container is airtight, but the seals wear out, this would keep moisture to a minimum.

Let’s Wind it Up

We’ve discussed several helpful tips for you to try with your own kratom storage. We haven’t discussed one other important factor. The source of your kratom is just as important as its storage. If you buy from a vendor who stores their product improperly or doesn’t make sure that their product is always fresh, you could receive a product that is already damaged. Austin Organic Village makes sure to always get the best and highest quality product we can to you. We follow storage guidelines so your experience is top notch.

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