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A Kratom Capsule Guide

A Kratom Capsule Introduction

Capsules may seem overwhelming at first, but they really are pretty easy. They actually simplify the kratom (and even herb) experience. There are two types of capsules, vegetable capsules, and gelatin capsules. Most people find the veggie caps dissolve easier and are less harsh on the stomach, but some people like the gelatin capsules more and find that they work better for them. The vegetable capsules tend to be a little more expensive than the gelatin, but not by much.

Kratom Capsule Sizes and Weights

  There are 5 different sizes of capsules, but the kratom community mainly deals with size 00 and occasionally you’ll see size 000 or size 0. A general rule of thumb is that size 00 capsules hold .5 grams, size 000 hold .85 grams, and 0 hold around ,4 grams. You can stuff them with more, or less, but these are average weights after filling them.

Prefilled Kratom Capsules vs. Making Kratom Capsules

You can buy your capsules prefilled and save time on making them, which may be useful if you’re going out of town and don’t have enough time to spend making them. Buying capsules premade can be a bit more expensive than just making them yourself. If you are going to take them every day, you will most likely want to set yourself up to make them at home.

What You’ll Need to Start 

The best place to start is buying empty capsules. You can easily search for your capsules on Google or Amazon. Specify the type and size, for instance, typing in “size 00 veggie capsules” will pull up what you’re looking for. The price will be around $15-$18 for 1000 vegetable capsules. If you choose gelatin capsules instead, expect to pay around $12 to $13 for 1000 capsules.

Next, you’re going to want to get a capsule making device. The Capsule Machine in size 00 prices out around $20 and is really simple to use. There are other devices out there. The Capsule Machine makes 24 capsules at a time, and you won’t have much of a learning curve. There are some types that make around 100 capsules at a time, but there is a steep learning curve. People do buy and use this type all the time, but it’s a little harder to assemble and make work. There are helpful videos on Youtube no matter which device you buy that can help walk you through assembling and using your capsule maker.

The only thing that’s left to prepare is your kratom powder in your favorite strains from your favorite vendor. Once you have everything together, you have a new, cheaper, easy way to keep your capsule supply flowing all year long.

Advantages of Kratom Capsules

There are many advantages to capsules. For starters, you will always have a solid estimate of how much you’re consuming. You can easily carry them with you in a vitamin bottle on trips. They are easy to swallow and make consumption much easier. You won’t have to deal with the taste, smell, or texture of the powdered leaf material. You can make bulk ahead of time and have them ready. It’s even somewhat peaceful to make them and quickly becomes a relaxing routine.

You’ve Reached the End

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning all about capsules. There are many *benefits to trying capsules to see if they will work for you. 

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