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Kratom and Yoga

Yoga for Health

Yoga is one of the more popular health trends out there and for good reason. There are a ton of health benefits that are well documented. For instance, a Harvard Health article discusses cardiovascular benefits, body maintenance, and even a healthier relationship with food for those who routinely practice yoga.  Discussion of benefits in an article are listed as stress relief, emotional health, better sleep, hangover relief, easing back pain, heart disease prevention, arthritis relief, lessening of asthma symptoms, help with multiple sclerosis, and a reduction in symptoms of ptsd.

Cardiovascular Health and Yoga

Yoga is unique in the fact that studies not only indicate that it helps with controlling hypertension, also known as high blood pressure, but it also helps with baroreceptor sensitivity. Baroreceptor sensitivity is the body’s ability to sense imbalances in blood pressure and correct it. Yoga has proven to improve lipid profiles in both healthy patients and those with coronary artery disease. Yoga has also been shown to lower blood sugar levels which can allow those with non-insulin resistant diabetes to either reduce or completely remove their need for medications. Cardiac rehabilitation programs have begun to add a yoga regimen to their programs in order to help patients.

Mental Health and Yoga

Yoga has so many applications, and it can heal body, mind, and soul. Yoga is for every body type, and it focuses on giving bodily autonomy. There is a breathing technique called,  Breath of Fire, also known as, Pranayama, involves breathing exercises that focus on strengthening abdominal muscles, and how to breathe completely in, with the whole diaphragm, and then exhaling out the negative. Breath control is helpful to control stress, emotions, and can even stave off anxiety. Yoga teaches how individuals can be present in their own bodies, and can help empower people to take care of their mental health as well. Yoga is a whole body experience, and it can teach us how to center ourselves and find a quiet meditative state. Meditation is helpful to sort through emotions, trauma, and the stress of life.

Any body is a good body for yoga, and it is a low impact exercise that can encompass all fitness levels. Everyone has to begin somewhere, and just moving more, is a fantastic start. Yoga doesn’t require any equipment, besides a willingness to try, and an open mind.

Yoga and Kratom

Surprisingly, there are quite a few resources outlining the benefits of not only consuming kratom before and after a workout, but also for how it specifically aids in yoga workouts. According to an article in, there are quite a few areas where kratom might be beneficial to the average yogi. From possibly aiding with sleep, relaxation, energy, and muscles, there are consumers that say it may help with focus and balancing the mind.

As there are no documented benefits that are currently accepted by the FDA, Austin Organic Village is not allowed to make or back any claims of the effects of kratom. As each person is an individual, kratom could affect them differently.

In an article by there are five possible benefits listed including motivation and help controlling negative emotions. There is also a Reddit thread discussing the benefits of kratom and workouts.

The Cool Down Conclusion

If yoga sounds beneficial, there are tons of videos on youtube and in various locations online that can be done in the home.  From beginner to advanced, yoga workouts are everywhere. If a more in person workout seems appealing, there are yoga studios in nearly all locations. Going down the path to mental and physical health is a very personalized journey. Finding the right herbs to help is essential for each person. Kratom has benefited many yoga consumers and may be something to consider in conjunction with a workout.  Interested in trying it out? Check out our organic kratom for sale and roll out your yoga mat! Who knows, it could be the perfect pair.


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