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Choosing the Right Tea to Potentiate Your Kratom

Flavorful, healthful, and potentiating, the soothing and beneficial properties of teas can bring out the best in your kratom experience. Depending on your personal wellness goals, the type of tea that you choose can amplify, balance, or simply be used to modify the flavor of your favorite organic kratom blends. In this informative post, we outline some of our favorite tea varieties and how they can complement your overall kratom experience. 

Awaken Your Senses With Caffeinated Varieties

For energized mornings and uplifted moods, any tea that contains caffeine provides an additional boost in wakefulness and motivation. As a potent central nervous system stimulator and potentiator, caffeine increases the rate of kratom-compound absorption and prolongs the duration of the experience. 

Depending on your kratom goals, caffeinated teas can be used to counterbalance relaxing kratom blends or enhance the stimulating and focus-improving properties of energizing kratom blends. Here are our top 3 caffeinated varieties to try with your next order of kratom extract

  • Green Tea: Our go-to tea for a steady rise in energy, mental clarity, and avoiding unwanted jitters or a crash. Green tea’s soothing flavor and mid-level caffeine content make this the perfect entry tea if you are new to kratom potentiation. 
  • Black Tea: If you would like a stronger boost, choose any black tea that you prefer. Rich in antioxidants, and flavor, and high in caffeine, be sure to start with a smaller kratom dose to avoid overstimulation. 
  • White Tea: The mildest of the three, white tea is low in caffeine and offers a subtle flavor profile that combines well with all kratom strains. This is our favorite option for stronger kratom strains that only need mild potentiation. 

Relax & Improve Your Health With Herbal Teas

While herbal tea blends may not deliver the same punch as caffeinated varieties, the synergistic benefits of nutrient-rich herbals can benefit your kratom experience in many ways. If you are searching for a great way to balance flavors, improve your mood, or enrich the calming properties of your favorite strain, purchase our kratom powder and give these delicious teas a try:

  • Peppermint Tea: A wonderful choice for invigorating flavor and aiding digestion, this potent herbal tea is a must-have blend for anyone who has a sensitive stomach.
  • Chamomile Tea: If relaxation, stress relief, and better sleep are your goal, you can’t go wrong with the calming properties of chamomile. Pair with stimulating kratom to reduce the intensity, or combine with a restful red strain for the calmest experience.
  • Valerian Root Tea: Used as an anti-anxiety and sleep-quality enriching tea, this is another balanced choice for relaxation-focused wellness goals. 
  • Ginger Tea: Another great tea for ease of digestion and anti-nausea, the rich aromatics of ginger pack a bold flavor and multi-health benefits into every sip. 

Improve Your Experience at Austin Organic Village

Looking for other creative ideas to upgrade your experience? Contact our knowledgeable kratom experts and we’ll help you find the best strains for your wellness goals!