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Updated and New Kratom Studies 2022


Kratom popularity and acceptance in the United States has been growing. As kratom becomes more mainstream, studies are being funded, and officials are realizing that kratom may actually be beneficial. Universities and independently funded research groups have been looking into every aspect of kratom and the outlook is promising. There are now propaganda-free medical websites specifically to educate doctors on patients who consume kratom, and what the possible benefits or risks could be. These studies and the interest being taken in kratom is wonderful news for the plant’s continued sale in the United States. 

Purdue University-

Purdue University has begun studying the alkaloid content in kratom. They isolated an alkaloid in the plant called speciogynine. They determined that kratom alkaloids have a low abuse potential, but this specific alkaloid may help treat alcohol abuse disorder or AUD. This study has both positive and negative implications. The positive is that they found a natural alkaloid that helps those who struggle with alcohol curb their habit. The negative is that they decided to synthesize the alkaloid instead of using the naturally forming chemical from the plant. Either way, they are finding positive and proven potential within the kratom plant. Most kratom consumers believe natural is better than synthesized and Austin Organic Village agrees with this view. 

Kratom Safety-

In a study initially done in 2018 but updated in 2021 and 2022, researchers studied the possible negative consequences from kratom consumption. They found kratom had a low abuse potential and an overall positive impact on those consuming the plant. It was concluded that it would not be beneficial to restrict access to the plant, as that would make it harder to study and would have an extremely negative impact on those who already consume kratom. The study goes into detail about specific alkaloids and the abuse potential for each. It turns out that the kratom plant’s alkaloids with the highest abuse potential are the lowest occuring alkaloids within the plant.  The overall safety rating for unadulterated kratom is extremely high and has more potential to benefit rather than to harm those who consume the plant. 

Kratom Tree Growth and Alkaloid Study-

The Mid-Florida Research and Education Center did a study with a few other Florida research centers revolving around the growth of kratom trees and how different fertilizers affect  the alkaloid contents in the final product. The researchers found that fertilizer helped tremendously with growth, more leaves with more substance grew on the kratom tree clones. They made 68 clones from a single kratom tree and were able to test a variety of things. It turns out that the type of fertilizer didn’t affect the more common alkaloids, but definitely had an impact on some of the smaller less well known alkaloids. This type of research is promising because it shows that people are considering the potential of growing large amounts of kratom and the best way to do so. 


The research project and journal created in order to give factual information to doctors and healthcare providers is just the beginning. As kratom becomes more mainstream and is proven to be the societal asset that kratom consumers have always known it is, kratom will become more easily accessible, and less stigmatized. This will allow for more open and honest communication between patients and their medical providers. The American Kratom Association made rules and regulations for kratom vendors to follow, which has allowed the DEA and FDA to give the researchers time to complete these important studies in order to keep kratom available for consumption in our society. With the good comes the bad, and in the Purdue University study, kratom enthusiasts can see that pharmaceutical companies and others will also try to synthesize and capitalize on the active alkaloids in kratom. Nature is almost always better, so spreading the word about this wonderful plant and its properties is extremely important.

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