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Kratom Tolerance

Kratom Tolerance

The human body can build up a tolerance with anything. Just think about Caffeine. Most people who drink coffee notice that after time they are drinking multiple cups of coffee to feel the effects instead of just one or two cups. A tolerance to Kratom is the same theory. After regular Kratom use, you will start to build up a tolerance sooner or later. It is important to implement different tactics to keep your tolerance leveled out.

What does Kratom Tolerance mean?

Kratom Tolerance means that with each use of Kratom, it takes a higher dose of Kratom to feel the desired effects. Your body becomes more adapted to your current dose which results in you taking more and more Kratom over time. This process leads to you spending more and more time on Kratom and increases your chances of Kratom abuse.

The Stagnant Strain Syndrome

The Stagnant Strain Syndrome refers to the effects of using the same Kratom Strain over and over. It is important to note that each Kratom Strain has different effects and impacts.

To change up your routine you can take try taking a leaf from the same strain and dry one inside and one outside. The effects of the leaf will change based on what climate it is dried in. The Kratom leaf will be more potent if it is indoors than it is outdoors.

Kratom alkaloids are unique to each Kratom strain. Unless you are using different Kratom strains or different batches of kratom leaves, the kratom alkaloids will stay the same. When the alkaloids stay the same, the effects of the Kratom dosage will become weaker over time, resulting in having to increase your dose to get the desired effects.

To avoid The Stagnant Strain Syndrome, it is best to switch to another Kratom strain that is like what you are used to. Keep in mind it is Important to start slow and small when trying a strain, you have not used before.

How to avoid Kratom Tolerance

It is easy to avoid a kratom tolerance by coming up with a plan. Like mentioned before, changing up the strain is the easiest way to avoid a Kratom Tolerance. You can change the way you ingest your Kratom as well to make it easier. If you make a tea of Green Malay, you can change it up by trying a tincture. The goal is to avoid a stagnant Kratom routine.

You can try cutting back on how often you use Kratom to avoid tolerance. Avoid using Kratom more than two days in a row, more than twice a week and less often during the day. You can try using kratom blends to confuse your body from building up a tolerance. Depending on your tolerance, it may be best to take a long break to let your body reset.

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