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From The Trees To The Mailbox (part 2)


Part one of this newsletter discussed the first half of the process that kratom goes through, starting with the kratom workers harvesting kratom, to the different drying and processing that kratom goes through, and finally to packaging and shipping the product to the United States. The second half will discuss everything from shipping, customs, testing, repackaging, and kratom being delivered to the customer. Many consumers want to know that what they are consuming is safe and effective. Knowing the process is reassuring and allows peace of mind for those who want to know that there are rules and procedures being followed in order to keep them safe. Kratom may not be FDA approved yet, but that doesn’t mean that good vendors don’t follow FDA regulations for processing and sale of a supplement intended for consumption. 

Arrival and Testing-

Most cGMP certified vendors are having their kratom capsules, extracts, and powders shipped directly to an AKA approved co-packer. The co-packer tests for any dangerous contaminants, which includes heavy metals, mold, bacteria, and more. This is required in order to fulfill good manufacturing practices and keep consumers safe. The testing is rigorous and thorough. There are no exceptions, testing is performed on every single shipment. Although testing is important, it is not the only safety measure taken in order to keep consumers safe. 

 Other Safety Measures Taken-

The nature of kratom leaves room for the possibility of missing something even when testing is thorough. Austin Organic Village uses a co-packer that also has a pasteurization process as an added safety measure. Pasteurization is a process using controlled levels of heat or light to make sure that anything harmful in a product is removed. The temps are controlled in order to keep the kratom potent, but still kill off any sort of harmful contaminants that were missed during testing. 

After the pasteurization process, the co-packer will then store the product at an appropriate temperature and light level in order to keep the kratom safe and effective. Austin Organic Village chose to go this route, because we are committed to keeping customers safe and happy. 

Order to Mail-

When a customer places an order at Austin Organic Village, the order will go directly to the co-packer. They will immediately begin to package the order while inside a clean room using appropriate airtight packaging. The co-packers then pack the order into a priority shipping box, or route shipping and label it appropriately. Route shipping is an option on the website and gives the customer extra insurance coverage. After the order is dropped in the mail, it will swiftly make its way to the address on the label. If it doesn’t arrive for some reason, not only will the package have tracking, but it is insured because it is sent through priority. If something happens to a package, the customer should check tracking and contact the post office first and foremost. If it says it was delivered, check with neighbors to see if it was mistakenly left in another mailbox. If the package still does not turn up, contact Austin Organic Village’s customer service representatives through the website chat, or on facebook. AOV will do everything possible to recover a package and make sure that customers are satisfied. Most of the time packages will arrive without issue and a customer will be able to enjoy a speedy and issue free experience. 


A lot of planning and work goes into supplying kratom to consumers. It’s not quick or easy, but it is rewarding to be able to help people in a way that gives them a better life. Austin Organic Village employees truly enjoy what they do and are always here to make the ordering process better and easier. AOV works hard so that customers don’t have to worry or feel stress during their kratom journey. So, take a load off, use the coupon code, and shop at the best place to buy kratom powder.