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Everything Gold Kratom

Written By: Amanda Boyles

Gold Kratom?-

Most kratom consumers know about red, green, and white kratom strains, but what is the gold kratom strain? Answering this question is not as straightforward as answering this about other strains. The evolution of gold kratom takes quite a few twists and turns. There are multiple ways kratom powder can be labeled gold but it all started with the drying process.

The Gold Drying Process-

Gold kratom started out as a red vein leaf. Red vein leaves are mature kratom leaves picked later in their life cycle. In order to make the red vein leaf a gold kratom powder, it has to be dried in the sun. This is the origin of gold kratom, but how did this powder specifically get the label of gold?

Red vein leaves that are dried in the sun take on more of a gold look when processed into powder, so perhaps it was labeled by appearance. The other possibility is that the name gold came from the idea that it is more highly valued, or better than other strains. There is a rumor that the sun drying process causes a reaction in which the alkaloid profile is changed by accelerating the breakdown of mitragynine which results in kratom that has a higher concentration of 7-hydroxymitragynine. The alkaloid change would mean that the kratom may be more powerful in the way it affects the consumer.  This is only a rumor that is not scientifically proven at this time due to a lack of evidence to back up the claim.

The second evolution of the gold strain came with the addition of green vein leaves being dried in the sun.  This meant that they also took on the gold moniker. Green vein leaves are slightly less mature leaves, or in the middle of their life cycle. Since green and red leaves vary some in alkaloid content, the addition of green vein leaves creates some inconsistency in the effects of gold kratom.

Gold Mixing-

The third evolution of gold kratom came from the mixing of two or more strains. Named gold only because of the growing popularity of gold strains, this new gold is just a blend of other strains. The unfortunate side effect of mixes being labeled gold is that consumers never really know what they are getting. It creates uncertainty when purchasing gold kratom.

Mixes in themselves are quite popular. So, perhaps with the knowledge that gold kratom can be a mix of two or more strains, a sun processed red, or a sun processed green, consumers can jump in the world of gold with a bit more of an adventurous spirit.

Tbe Bottom Line-

The truth about kratom is that consumers will find their own preferences and what works for them. Quality, effects, and strains are different from vendor to vendor, supplier to supplier, and consumer to consumer. Just because one person had a great experience with a particular strain, doesn’t mean it will be the same for the next person. The only way to truly learn what works is by trial and error.

Austin Organic Village offers one fantastic gold, and that’s the premium gold maeng da jong kong. It’s a much beloved strain by many customers and has withstood the test of time. The premium strains are more potent and a best seller at AOV. If you’re looking to purchase kratom powder, browse our strains! Kratom is an adventure as much as an asset, so prepare for new experiences.