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Welcome to Austin Organic Village

Welcome to Austin Organic Village


We believe in a more natural approach to what ails us, and if you have requested to receive our newsletter, you likely feel the same. We carry a wide variety of herbs to help make your life better. In our newsletter, we are going to discuss different herbs, their benefits, and drawbacks. We will occasionally have real testimonials, or discuss kratom advocacy, and actions needed. We are going to have topics that are fun, opinionated, and occasionally controversial. You can even send in your questions, and if we can answer them (legally), we will do just that. We will have exciting giveaways, sales, and all sorts of other nonsense in our regular newsletter. Let us know what you would like to hear more about through the contact section of the website, and I will add some of those in as well!

Meet Our Staff

Our Owner and Captain

Dustyn R., the man with the plan, the one who started it all, the founder and owner of Austin Organic Village, and our devoted leader. He decided to start this business because he found help for himself in kratom and decided he wanted to help others. We expanded beyond kratom shortly after bringing the business online. He tirelessly does the work and gets the packages out every single day. He has two beautiful daughters to whom he is a hundred percent devoted. He amazes me all the time. Even when I’m exhausted and take it easy for the day, he never stops. I’ve seen him come home from having major surgery and be back at it immediately. Dustyn also goes to meetings of veterans and shares kratom and herb information and stories with them in order to help them find a way to make life easier (especially with the issues they face after combat).


Amanda B., hey, that’s me! I am a mother to 3 amazing boys that I love very much. I also have a wonderful husband. I am an artist who found my interest in herbs to help aid in managing my anxiety and depression.  Dustyn brought me in shortly after he started this business. I’ve been here through the ups and downs. Together, we have made plans, and built our own brand. We have tackled problems and celebrated our successes. I chose to work for this company in the early days because I had a good bit of knowledge, wanted to help people, and I liked working with Dustyn. My direct contributions are in the way we handle customer service, product testing, and online management of the business. I’m not local to the business, but I do run the computer, shipping, and management when Dustyn needs a day off and has someone to make the packages. I truly love this business and company.

Customer Service Guru

Desiree C. came in when we needed another person to help with all of the daily customers. As we grew, the work became way too much for just Dustyn and me. Des came in and saved us. She is a quick learner and very dedicated. If you have ever messaged us through our website, you have probably talked to Desiree.  She is a mother who loves hobbies, crafts, herbs, motorcycles, and animals. Des makes some really cool thermal cups (she made one for each of us during the holidays and they are awesome). She got into herbs due to the two rare illnesses she has that cause major pain. She was having trouble finding relief through pharmaceuticals and decided to give herbs a shot. She loves working with Austin Organic Village because she enjoys helping people improve their lives.

Genius Sales Specialist 

Jill B. is our newest team member. We brought her in when we needed help marketing to local businesses in Austin. Her responsibilities quickly grew to taking customer service calls, helping with business decisions, and working tirelessly to help take orders. She loves the outdoors and animal advocacy. Jill is super busy already with another job, but her contributions have been invaluable. She is a mother to a beautiful daughter whom she adores. Jill has two dogs and three cats. She successfully started kratom to replace all of her pharmaceuticals for pain, mental health, and anxiety. Now a believer in natural remedies to aid with any ailments, she has a vast knowledge of herbs. Before she was an employee, she was a customer who came to us after trying many different vendors. Jill became a loyal customer and never looked back. She believes in our quality and customer service, so when we asked her to join us, she jumped in feet first.

Thank you for reading our first newsletter! I am already starting on next week’s edition, check it out for a coupon code and articles on herbs we carry.


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