About Us


“You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want."

How It Started

I was given the option to take pain pills or live with the pain for the rest of my life.  I have neuropathy, a painful condition dealing with the nerves due to a surgery I had. I knew there had to be a better solution for myself and my two young daughters, so I started doing research on natural alternatives to medicine.  It was then I came upon articles about Kratom.

I purchased some from a seedy smoke shop because that was the only place I could find it.  I couldn’t believe it, it worked!  I took some Kratom and my pain had simply gone away!  AMAZING! I continued to buy from smoke shops for a while but that was embarrassing and expensive.  After a ton of research, I decided that I would have to create a store to help others avoid the hassle and bring lower prices with better quality. An online brand entirely dedicated to quality, customer service and affordable prices.

So now, from beautiful Austin TX, we bring you the highest quality and the best-priced Kratom and other botanical treasures–all 100% natural, great quality AND affordable so that you can see what these miraculous plants have to offer you, and more importantly, your family.

Dusty Robertson/CEO

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We Are Making A Difference?

We were founded in recovery. We want to give back to help those just starting out so they can be better people for their families and communities.

That’s why we donate a portion of all profits to help struggling alcoholics and addicts. We want to give to them what has been so freely given to us.

We also work with recovery centers like Greener Pastures in Maine and sponsor people going through their programs. We truly feel its our duty to help those in recovery, as we were there at one time and needed help as well.