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White Bali Kratom is a strain commonly found in Borneo that purportedly offers a host of potential benefits. White Vein Kratom, in general, has a wealth of powerful alkaloids which occur in high concentrations. In White Bali Kratom, there is a minimum of 25 alkaloids known to exist, although some have identified as many as 30 active alkaloids involved. In this particular strain, there is a proportionally higher amount of Mitragynine than other strains.White Bali also contains less ajmalicine than other kratom strains; ajmalicine is an anti-adrenergic. This is what differentiates white vein kratom from red and green veins.

Please limit 3 single separate OUNCES total of all colors and strains combined. If wanting more variety single ounces, please order the starter kit, which is 6 ounces, 6 different strains.

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Ingredients: Kratom powder

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