Taheebo Tea Club Tea- Pure Pau D’Arco-1 pound
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Taheebo Tea Club Tea- Pure Pau D’Arco-1 pound

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Frequently Bought Together

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The Taheebo Tea Club is a labor of love, life, and health! Our pure pau d’arco taheebo bark to make taheebo tea is available now! “Taheebo Tea Club’s Original Pure Pau D’Arco – “why settle for anything less”  This is the best quality taheebo tea on the market, from taheebo tea club-same price as on their site, but half the price on shipping. You can read more testimonies here–www.taheeboteaclub.com

We ship each pound of this tea with care with four booklets with varying testimonies of people that have been blessed by this tea.  We want you to give one to your friends so they can start enjoying the benefits as well.  These booklets were specially made for us, with our logo and number from the taheebo tea club founder.

Without my father, John Vukovic, there would be no Taheebo Tea Club:(Shared with permission from Milan, owner)

My father was diagnosed with colon cancer November, 1998 at the age of 66. He was taken to the Houston Medical Center in Texas where surgery was performed. The surgeon however could only remove half of the cancerous mass since the cancer had already spread through the colon wall to the pancreas.

The doctor who preformed the surgery decided not to remove my dad’s complete colon because his life expectancy was only months, but aggressive chemo and radiation therapies would commence as soon as his surgical wound had healed. My father was released from the hospital, told to come back in two weeks, and I was told to put my father’s affairs in order. His normal weight is 180 pounds and he was down to under 130 pounds – so I started planning a funeral.

I called family and friends and told them how grave the situation was, and since my dad’s life expectancy was only a matter of months, if they wanted to see him, they might want to do so now. One of the families who came to say their good-byes brought pau d’arco taheebo tea with them. They left, we cooked the tea up, it tasted great. My father figured you had to drink something anyway, so he started drinking the tea.

Two weeks passed and my father went back to the hospital but his surgical wound had not yet healed so they could not start chemo or radiation treatments. He was told to come back in a week. This went on for two months – wound hasn’t healed, come back in a week. Meanwhile my father kept drinking the tea.

Finally after two months the wound healed. At that point a CT scan was performed to identify where the cancer was prior to starting treatment. But, they couldn’t see any cancer on the CT scan. They told my father that something must be wrong with their CT scan machine since the surgeon’s report said he left half the cancerous mass that was on the pancreas in my father.

Since my father had already drank the contrast dye, they sent him to the hospital next door which also had a CT scan machine, so he wouldn’t have to come back the following week after their machine was fixed. The hospital next door took another scan and again no cancer. A colonoscopy and other tests were performed, but they also showed my father to be cancer free.

That was over 20 years ago. Since pau d’arco taheebo tea may have helped him, my father continues to drink taheebo tea daily and he’s still cancer free. He is now 86 years old, and not only is he healthy, he takes care of my garden and even mows my lawn! If he didn’t enjoy doing it, and it wasn’t good for him, I’d be embarrassed.

In my family, everyone from my 20 year old son, to both my parents, my mom is also now 86, drinks the tea. Since for me this is a labor of love, and all my family drinks it, the purity is important – that’s why my friends and I started the Taheebo Tea Club. May your family and friends receive the blessings that my family, and so many others, have received from the tea.

Milan Vukovic
Founding Member
Taheebo Tea Club

The Taheebo Tea Club is a registered manufacturer with the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The FDA has issued a Certificate of Free Sale, and a Certificate of Export, for the Taheebo Tea Club’s pure pau d’arco taheebo tea. The FDA has not evaluated the efficacy of the Taheebo Tea Club’s pure pau d’arco tea to treat, cure, or prevent any health condition or problem. Any questions regarding your health should be addressed to your own physician or healthcare provider.


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3 reviews for Taheebo Tea Club Tea- Pure Pau D’Arco-1 pound
  • 5 out of 5

    This is the best Pau D’Arco on the market today!

  • 5 out of 5

    I decided to have my husband give this tea a try.
    He got sick over a year ago which caused him to start shaking and having trouble walking. He also developed vertigo. After undergoing CAT scans , MRIs, and plenty of other tests, the many doctors from many specialties have thus far been unable to tell us what is wrong or what to do other than suggest that he use a walker.
    He has been drinking a minimum of 8 cups per day, sometimes more for almost 1 month. He is no longer having the constant palsy/shaking and is able to walk well on his own. The vertigo has become less frequent also.
    I cannot say how impressed I am with this tea. I will warn you that there is a process to make it but it soon becomes easy enough. It is necessary to boil for 5 min then simmer for 15 min.
    BTW, my husband’s age is 68.

  • I was blessed to receive a sample of this miracle tea in with my order, and I was curious about what it could be used for, so I grabbed the very informative booklet that came with it and sat down to look it over. And let me preface this by saying that I was not feeling well AT ALL. I had a raging tooth infection going on, was working 50+ hours a week (I had already committed to these jobs) and could NOT get into the dentist’s office. I knew that antibiotics were what I needed, so I was thinking that I would have to go to the ER, because the pain and agony was overwhelming, and I saw no other alternatives…until I read that booklet and saw that it helps to heal infections, and there was a specific story about a guy that used the tea to clear up a tooth infection!! I jumped up and went to dig out a French press type glass teapot that my daughter had left here and went to work making a pot of tea. Now, I don’t normally drink coffee or tea, so this was kind of a stretch for me, but I was desperate!
    So I made the tea according to the instructions, and started to drink it down, as well as holding it in my mouth so it could really surround that tooth and give me some relief. And are you freaking kidding me – IT WORKED!!!
    I’ll go into more detail when I write my ‘official’ review, but let me tell you that I followed the instructions and drank it in higher quantities for 10 days, to fully clear the infection – it freaking WORKED!! It not only worked, but my teeth are stronger!! And I say that because I had bought a pint of ice cream that had these little hard chocolate pieces in, and I couldn’t break them down with my teeth BEFORE the infection, but when I went back to that same pint after drinking the tea for like a week, and I was able to break them down with NO problems!!
    This Pau D’arco tea helps with so much more, too, so I’m sure that I’m gaining many more benefits than I even know yet!!
    And this girl that never drank coffee or tea is consuming this tea every single day, and loving the taste of it, too!!

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