Incarvillea Sinensis Extract (12 mL)
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Incarvillea Sinensis Extract (12 mL)

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1 liquid shot, 1-2 servings.  12 ML

Incarvillea Sinensisa plant of trumpet creeper family (Bignoniaceae), which is considered to have a cold or rheumatism-curing action and also have an antidotal action, and is used as a folk medicine in China. The name of the genus, Incarvillea, came from the botanist Petrus d’Incarville who lived in Peking from 1740 to 1757. The plant is distributed from Yunnan in the south to Siberia in the north and Tibet in the West. It is one of the traditional herbal medicines in China, and Mongolia and is mainly used to treat rheumatism and relieve pain(in China).

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