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Akuamma -1 oz


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Akuamma or the Picralima Nitida Tree has been around for an incredibly long period of time. The seeds are commonly used to treat a wide range of medical conditions in West Africa. While the exact origins are unknown, it is clear that this seed had been used frequently in Ghana, Cameroon, Nigeria and other African regions.

It is primarily used as a folk medicine and is believed to be capable of serving as a holistic pain reliever.

Akuamma is also frequently used as an anti-inflammatory. At some point in the past, a hospital located in Ghana began manufacturing Akuamma power. This resulted in a significant amount of research being conducted on the herb.

Today, Akuamma is still widely used in West Africa. It is popular in the area for its ability to combat fibromyalgia, diarrhea and pain.

The Pharmacology

The most important components of the seeds include two alkaloids, akuammine and pericine. Akuammine is considered to be an indole alkaloid. Akuamma seeds and the powder will contain significant amounts of akuammine.

This specific alkaloid is incredibly important. It behaves like an anti-inflammatory and an antipyretic. When it comes to the seed power, akuammine had 0.56% volume. Akuamma is also used for alleviating the withdrawal symptoms associated with opiates. It is effective for this purpose, because of the pericine. This specific alkaloid will bind to the user’s mu opioid receptors.

Terms of Use

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Ingredients: Powdered Akuamma seeds


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