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Confusion and Checkout

As many of Austin Organic Village’s longtime customers will know all too well, having a stable way to allow customers to checkout with credit cards has long been a struggle. AOV had a steady and reliable processor that was out of the country for the past couple of years. That is no longer the case. Due to credit card companies labeling kratom high risk, they will not allow kratom to be processed directly through them. This means that some things have changed, again, and it’s time to rethink processing. 

Kratom is labeled high risk because of the ongoing campaign by some to make it illegal. Credit card processors see it as a liability because it can be banned and they could be stuck with a large bill in order to pay back those who don’t receive product after purchasing with a card and having it made illegal. Unfortunately they will not relent on processing payments for kratom until there is no longer a threat to its legality. 


Bitcoin is the most obvious choice and an easy solution to the checkout issues kratom vendors face. It’s easy to set up a bitcoin account as long as you have documents proving identification, and a cellphone or a computer. There are numerous bitcoin wallets, but perhaps one of the most popular ones is Instructions on how to transfer the bitcoin to pay for items can be found with whichever site is chosen. Austin Organic Village can help support customers through the process of paying with bitcoin as well. The cool thing about choosing bitcoin is that it works as an investment too. Overtime bitcoin will trend up and is a potential money maker for those who choose it. Bitcoin can be set up to automatically transfer as much or as little money as needed in regular intervals, like every payday, so there is very little fuss.  

Other Payment Options

Austin Organic Village still lists “pay by credit or debit card” as an option. This is because it is a gift card payment system. Customers pay for a gift card in the amount of their purchase and that is transferred to AOV immediately. It may seem weird, but it is secure and convenient. Unfortunately customers from Texas and New York will not be able to use this option. 

Not to worry, if that option doesn’t work, AOV also accepts bank to bank transfers through GreenBeanPay or echeck through eDebitDirect. If none of those work, customers should message in to the website. AOV’s customer service team is ready and willing to help in any way possible. 


Austin Organic Village is committed to jumping through hoops in order to provide a wide variety of payment options. These restrictions aren’t easy for anybody, but AOV wants to make sure it’s as hassle free as possible for our customers. The options provided are well researched, safe, and secure. Credit card restrictions on kratom are just a part of the reason why consumers need to do all they can to keep kratom legal. If freedom is desired, then there is a lot of work to be done, and plenty of need for volunteers and donations to the American Kratom Association

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