Kratom Austin, TX

Kratom Products in Austin, TX

Austin Organic Village produces and sells kratom products including powders, extracts, and capsules. Our powders range in size from 20 gram bags to 1000 gram bags. Our 20 gram bags are the perfect size for someone who may be new to kratom or for someone who is looking to try a new strain. 

On our website we carry an impressive 18 different strains including popular options such as Red Bali Kratom and White Thai Kratom. Red Bali is a great strain for beginners because of its moderate effects and low dosage. On the other hand, the White Thai strain provides higher energy effects. Everyone has a preference for which strain they prefer so it’s important to try different ones. 

Our products are 100% natural and are harvested without pesticides. We do not sell any of our products claiming medicinal benefits and these are products that are not intended to treat illnesses. Kratom has been known to provide mood enhancing effects and should be used for that purpose. We ship all of our products across the United States including to Austin, TX.