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If you’ve been searching for an uncut CBD vape cartridge, meaning no PG/VG, chemical carriers, or other nonsense, Austin Organic Village has you covered. Our completely pure, 100% raw, and organic CBN and CBD vape cartridges feature additive-free CBD for the purest puffing experience of your life. Whether you need an entire CBD vape pod setup or are just looking for a CBD vape cartridge for your existing battery pack, our online selection is the best in the business.

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Like all of the 100% natural and pure products, you’ll find at Austin Organic Village, our CBN and CBD vape cartridges are sourced from farmers that share in our vision of holistic healing the natural way. Along with our trusted farming partnerships providing us with the cleanest CBD sourcing possible, we go the extra mile at Austin Organic Village. Lab certified for purity and authenticity, then carefully prepared and packaged at our facility in Austin, TX, our company prioritizes the highest standards of quality control from the farm to your door. 

CBD & CBN Vape Cartridges Online

Dedicated to helping people heal the way nature intended, our CBD vape pods combine the best in affordability with varied strengths and potencies. Whatever your healing goals are, our ultra-potent CBD vape pods are an amazing addition to your health routine. With shipping available throughout the United States, the freshest and most potent CBD cartridges can be at your door in no time.

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  • CBD Vape Pods
  • Battery Packs
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We Have a CBD Product For Everyone

Along with our super potent CBD cartridges, we have the best selection of CBD products online. For all of the benefits without any of the vape or smoke, our CBD tincture and CBD capsules feature the same high-quality dark CBD. With our carefully measured dosages, you can perfectly regulate your healing regimen for consistent and lasting benefits. Available in a variety of convenient forms, we make it easy to take CBD on the go and experience the profound benefits wherever you are.

cbd vape cartridge

Be Sure to Ask About Our Kratom & More

cbd vape cartridge

Founded out of empathy for others, Austin Organic Village’s product line includes a wide range of 100% natural products designed to enhance overall wellbeing. Recognized across the country because of our commitment to safe sourcing and lab-verified purity, our amazing line of kratom products is the perfect complement to any CBD healing routine!

We feature proven strains from across the world and have partnered with leading kratom farmers with verified track records of consistent quality and purity. Depending on your specific health goals, our product lines feature something for everyone. With super relaxing Red Bali Kratom, or energizing Green Maeng Da strains, you’ll find a new level of health and wellbeing after giving any of our potent products a try. 

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We truly love our all-natural products and hope that you’ll appreciate the profound benefits that our diverse product line has to offer. Dedicated to providing clear explanations and always helpful customer service, we’re happy to share our in-depth product knowledge and expertise. With a passion for all things natural, we’ll help you discover the perfect natural products that align with your personal health goals for renewed wellbeing, both mentally and physically. 

Dedicated to holistic healing the natural way, don’t hesitate to give us a call to learn more about how our safe and effective products can improve your life today!